Project Runway Recap: [SPOILER] Eliminated After Tense Dmitry Vs. Elena Team Challenge
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Project Runway Recap: [SPOILER] Eliminated After Tense Dmitry Vs. Elena Team Challenge

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want details on the September 6 episode.

Did you skip the end or — gasp! — all of Project Runway Season 10, Episode 8 to watch President Obama's speech, the MTV Video Music Awards or … what? What could’ve been more important than watching Dmitry "Boris" Sholokhov call Elena "Natasha" Slivnyak a witch who needs to be killed with a wooden stake, or hear Elena insult Christopher Palu’s garment as an “ugly-ass Snuggie”? Plus, there was a Swatch sighting at Mood!

Reality TV gold, people.

Anyway, “Starving Artists” first turned the designers into streetwalkers to sell cheap T-shirts to people in NYC to raise funds for fabric. Then they had to create two fall looks — including one piece of outerwear. And they had to work in teams of three. Yes, another team challenge. Good for drama. Not usually great for solid design execution. As Dmitry answered when Tim Gunn asked “What do you think?” — "Crazy!"

Project Runway Recap: [SPOILER] Eliminated After Tense Dmitry Vs. Elena Team Challenge
Credit: Lifetime    


1. Christopher Palu, Sonjia Williams, Gunnar Deatherage — raised $684
2. Dmitry Sholokhov, Elena Slivnyak, Alicia Hardesty — raised $500
3. Ven Budhu, Melissa Fleis, Fabio Costa — raised $800.48

Right off the bat, the third team sounded strongest. Yeah, it had Ven but it also had Melissa and Fabio and all three are challenge winners, beloved by the judges. The other two teams? Drama City. However, Team 1 created the best garments, by far, and Team 3 fell apart from the color palate to the designs. Team 2 wasn’t awful, even though Elena said the jacket was one of the worst things she’s ever put on the runway.


Predictably, the judges declared Team 1 the “clear winning team.” Good call. Gunnar, who started the season as unlikable but is now even earning Christopher’s grudging respect, did a ton of work, creating a lot of pieces for this team. But the judges loved Sonjia’s gorgeous hunter green jacket. (Pugnacious!)

Winner: Sonjia. Gunnar, you were robbed!


Teams 2 and 3 were both in the bottom. Elena immediately, without even waiting for the judges to say anything, announced that it was unfair because Dmitry had taken over the group. She claimed to be a team player. (Team Impossible To Work With!) They insulted each other to great effect. (See quotes below.) Nina Garcia commented on how Dmitry does keep making dresses, but (thankfully) she added that Elena also only makes oversize coats. And she thought this particular coat looked inexpensive. However, Alicia just made boring pieces underneath the other clothes. Michael Kors almost fell asleep over them. Team 3 looked a lot worse. Heidi Klum called it “sad” and her least favorite collection. She wouldn’t want any pieces other than the white jacket. For some reason, Ven got complimented as “the king of construction” for not having anything to do with this mess.

Eliminated: It was down to Fabio or Alicia. The judges sent Alicia home. Heck, she was lucky to get out of this challenge alive, but it's too bad she didn't stand up to Boris or Natasha.

Project Runway Recap: [SPOILER] Eliminated After Tense Dmitry Vs. Elena Team Challenge
Credit: Lifetime    


This episode wasn’t geared around creativity. It wanted drama and got it. Most of the night was The Boris vs. Natasha Show. (They need their own spinoff!) Here’s just a sample of the designer diss quotes:

• Christopher [on no one going home last week]: "This is what they keep — Gunnar?"

• Gunnar [on Christopher]: "There are two reasons I don't want to work with him. Number one is I just don't like Christopher. And secondly, I just can't stand the sound of his voice."

• Dmitry [on being paired with Elena]: "What did I do in my past life to deserve this?"

• Christopher [on Dmitry and Elena]: “They’re like Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.”

• Alicia [on Dmitry and Elena]: “I don’t have the patience for, like, people’s attitudes and their negative energies and all this crap.”

• Gunnar: “Dmitry has sent out the same dress like five challenges in a row in a different color and a different silhouette. He keeps talking about how he wants to do outerwear — and you have an outerwear challenge and you’re doing another jersey dress.”

• Tim Gunn [to Dmitry]: “Exposed darts?!?!”

• Sonjia: “Ven can’t get past the fan effect and I feel like, you know, it’s a yawn moment now.”

• Elena: “Chris’s rope thing looks like a Snuggie, ugly-ass Snuggie, with a belt with no seaming. Oh God, it’s just one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

• Dmitry [on Elena]: “To kill the witch we need a silver bullet and a wooden stake.”

• Christopher [on Elena]: “I wish we had a horse tranquilizer.”

• Dmitry: “Fabio’s team, they had $800 and it looks so cheap and so — it’s so just ‘blah.’”

• Christopher: “I really am thankful that I was not put in a group with Elena. She is a over-controlling lunatic.”

• Dmitry: “I am always open for ideas and for compromise but I feel like working with Elena, it’s just impossible.”

Elena [to Dmitry]: “First of all, the whole collection had to be built around your dress because you don’t know how to do anything else.”

Project Runway Recap: [SPOILER] Eliminated After Tense Dmitry Vs. Elena Team Challenge
Credit: Lifetime    


Don’t forget, Project Runway is filming the Season 10 finale tomorrow at Fashion Week in New York City. As Blogging Project Runway reports, “Assuming Lifetime follows previous protocol, all of the remaining designers after tonight's episode will be showing collections in the big tent to a huge crowd of celebrities, buyers, stylists, publicists and fans. It's a dream for many designers to show at fashion week and whether they make the final three or not, they can at least walk away from the show knowing they had the experience at the tents."

According to New York Fashion Week Live, PR 10 is scheduled to show Friday, September 7 at 10 a.m. So expect to see some spoiler photos online shortly after that. Then we can speculate from there — which designers are the real finalists and who are the "decoys"? And who won? Sometimes there's a "clear winner" among the collections.

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