Revenge Season 2 Spoiler Roundup: What Every Fan Needs to Know
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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler Roundup: What Every Fan Needs to Know

The world of Revenge can be complex and time consuming. So for the fan who doesn’t have the time or energy to track down every detail of the upcoming season, we’ve put together a basic guide to Season 2.

Here’s what you need to know:

Season 1

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke

Seventeen years ago, the late David Clarke was blamed for a terrorist attack that took many American lives, but his daughter, Amanda Clarke, soon learned that he was wrongfully accused. To avenge her father’s murder and clear his name, Amanda erased her identity and became Emily Thorne a wealthy Hamptons badass with the ability to dropkick you straight to the sand.

She moved back into her old beach house, conveniently located right next to the very people who were responsible for framing her father — the Graysons.

Plane Crash

In the Season 1 finale, Victoria Grayson (if you don’t know who that is, there’s no helping you) and Lydia Davis (Conrad’s former secretary/mistress) were boarding a plane headed to Washington D.C. This fashion-forward duo was set to testify in court using evidence that could have indicted Conrad and Grayson Global for funding the terrorist attack.

Unfortunately, the plane exploded and the two were supposedly killed.

Pill Popping

The youngest Grayson, Charlotte, has a bit of a prescription drug problem. The teen overdosed when she found out that her mom had supposedly died. We now know that Char made it through, but that the addiction is still very present in her life. There have also been hints that she might enact her own revenge this coming season.

Season 2


We now know that Victoria comes out of the incident unhurt, but Lydia is a goner. There’s no official news yet on how the queen of the Hamptons come back from the dead, but we have a feeling it might be in Episode 2 titled, “Resurrection.”

Mommy Dearest

At the end of the first season, we found out that Emily’s mother is actually alive. Previously, the revenge queen thought her mother had died from illness when she was a child.

This new character — portrayed by actress Jennifer Jason Leigh —will play a central part in the next season’s plotline. Emily will start to question her own sanity after being exposed to this woman, who is apparently somewhat unhinged.

Baby News

Emily’s childhood sweetheart Jack Porter doesn’t know that she’s actually Amanda Clarke. Instead, he thinks Amanda is an obnoxious stripper with a knack for popping up where she’s not wanted. Her latest appearance? She’s super preggers and claims it’s Jack’s. We’re not buying it, but loyal Jack probably won’t question the paternity for a while.

Martial Arts Master

One plot point that may confuse the average viewer is the involvement of Emily’s Asian mentor, Satoshi Takeda. Apparently, this Japanese businessman has created some sort of Revenge School where he taught Emily and a host of others the business of getting even. But Takeda isn’t too pleased with the path Em’s been taking lately, so he could turn out to be an enemy in Season 2.

If you’re a more intense Revenge fan, stay tuned for an in-depth guide to all of the Season 2 spoilers before the Sept. 30 premiere!

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