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True Blood

What Happened to True Blood’s Werepanthers?

Remember back in True Blood when Jason was infatuated with a crazy supe named Crystal? And what about that time when he tried to save the incestuous hillbilly werepanther pack and they kidnapped him? Oh, right — after Season 4, we didn’t hear about any of that.

After the craziness of imprisoning, raping, and tearing Jason apart in Season 4, the Hotshot werepanthers told him that he would become one of them on the next full moon, but that didn’t happen. In fact, Alcide even told Sookie that werepanther genes are hereditary, and therefore, a new one cannot be “made.”

So instead of Jason becoming Ghost Daddy, he escaped back to Bon Temps and continued on with his daily life. No post-traumatic stress, no side effects, and zero mention of Crystal or werepanthers again.

In Season 5, the only residual werepanther issues we saw were in Jason’s sex life. He previously thought that God was punishing him for having too much sex, but he didn’t stop casually fooling around with Jessica until he had a strange sexual encounter with his old teacher. It’s a stretch, but we could say that the similarities between Crystal the werepanther and his cat-loving teacher made him go crazy, but honestly, the True Blood writers probably just wanted Jason to undergo a change.

Heading into Season 6, he might be Jason the Vampire Slayer, haunted by his ghost parents, as he searches for Warlow. Oy vey. It’s great that Jason’s grown up, but maybe seeing him shift into something fast and furious would have been more fun.

Do you want to see Crystal return in Season 6 or should the Hotshot hillbillies stay gone forever? Weigh in below!

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09.7.2012 / 12:20 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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