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The Bachelorette

What Was Nick Peterson Doing For Most of Bachelor Pad 3? Chris Harrison Explains

Did The Powers That Be just decide to edit out all the fascinating, important, socially and strategically relevant things Nick Peterson was doing for most of Bachelor Pad Season 3? Nope! Not according to Chris Harrison, anyway.

The Rosemaster tells Zap2it, "He really didn't do anything! [laughs] He ate protein shakes and eggs and I think he did a lot of push-ups. And that was about it. He didn't have a love interest, he didn't have any battles. He didn't win any challenges. It's not like he didn't make friends, he got along with everybody, but that was just it — he was this nice, good guy who just kind of hung around ... he really floated through, kind of under the radar, which may be one of the smartest plays ever because he didn't make waves one way or the other."

The past two winning Bachelor Pad teams — Dave Good & Natalie Getz and Michael Stagliano & Holly Durst — were loyal "power couples" who dominated the game by either winning a lot of challenges or just running the house as alliance leaders. Not the case with Rachel Truehart and Nick, who were thrust into a partnership at the last minute. They were never really part of one core alliance (Rachel was with Michael's group and Nick was ... ?). They've never tried to run the game and don’t even seem loyal to each other. In the past, that's been a recipe for elimination. Now it's looking like the new recipe for success.

Just when we think Bachelor Pad might be getting predictable!

Source: Zap2it