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SYTYCD Tour Deets & Ticket Giveaway! – Sponsored

Wetpaint’s Travel Guide For the Cast of SYTYCD Live!

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We’re all on the edge of our seats….only weeks left until the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 is decided. But while the judges whittle down the competition, we’re planning ahead for the So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour this October. And because we know how hard the lifestyle of a traveling dancer can be (or at least we think we do), we’ve compiled a list of the ‘can’t miss’ attractions for the first five stops of their tour. We think this go-to guide will be a great addition to the SYTYCD tour bus……maybe hung next to that full-size picture of Nigel?

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Stop 1, San Diego: The USS Midway

Anyone who appreciates great choreography will be impressed with the aerial artistry of the USS Midway. Now a floating museum, the USS Midway served as a United States naval aircraft carrier for 47 years. The SYTYCD Live stage will look small in comparison to the Midway’s flight deck, and stories of carrier life, told by air force veterans-turned-tour guides, will make them think twice before complaining about a cramped tour bus!

Stop 2, Los Angeles: The Getty Center

In Los Angeles, the newest hotspot isn’t a club or restaurant, it’s a museum. The Getty Center, located atop the Santa Monica Mountains, features a super-collection of art from the as well as stellar panoramic city views. Stars and tourists alike can be spotted at the Getty soaking up culture and taking in the scenery. Word of warning to the SYTYCD-ers: Don’t get too crazy with any of those Emmy Award-winning lifts - One wrong move from the viewpoint lands you over the railing, and into the Cactus Garden below!

Stop 3, Oakland: The Oakland Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The Oakland Zoo takes the concept of efficient tourism to the extreme by combining two attractions – a zoo and amusement park - into one! Plus, the ski lift-like transportation option to the outskirts of zoo means the SYTYCD-ers won’t waste their performance fuel huffing-it around the property.

Stop 4: Phoenix AZ: Camelback Mountain,

Camelback Mountain is an urban hiking legend that was named for it’s craggy profile's resembelance to that of a resting camel. The SYTYCD finalists are sure to be inspired by the history of the location as they explore the ceremonial caves of Camelback’s original performers, the Hohokam Indians. Bonus, it’s basically in the middle of city, meaning no extra bus time (since we’re sure they’ll get enough of that on tour)!

Stop 5, Grand Prairie, TX: The Verizon Theater

Because you can’t play all the time! On October 30th, The Verizon Theater, AKA, ‘the theater of the future,’ will be the hottest spot in Grand Prairie. With its 6,350-indoor seating capacity, the Verizon Theater was designed to accommodate a wide range of performers: From singer/songwriters like Alicia Keys, to the live-action characters of Sesame Street. We’re looking forward to adding SYTYCD Live to this list come October!

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09.7.2012 / 08:46 PM EDT by Katie Grimes
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