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Blake Lively Meets The Spice Girls, Geeks Out Like a Teenage Fangirl

Remember that time circa the ‘90s when you built a shrine to Jonathan Taylor Thomas? You were fan-girling all over the place, and you probably didn't even realize it. But fear not JTT-worshiper, even celebrities get their geek on — including Gossip Girl's very own Blake Lively (Serena)!

Blake was recently having dinner in London when she ran into The Spice Girls and proceeded to whip her hair back and forth in excitement. "I was in London and I stayed in my hotel most of the time because it was raining," Blake tells Marie Claire. "But on the last night I went out for dinner. After I'd arrived, I was told a bunch of paparazzi had showed up. I thought, 'That's so weird. I've been left alone most of my stay — why are they bothering me now?'"

Turns out said paparazzi weren't there for our girl Blake — they were photographing Posh, Baby, Sporty, Scary and Ginger! "I was like, I need to say hello!" Blake continues. "So, there you have it; I got to hang out with the Spice Girls. It was my lifelong dream. That's it now. I can quit."

Turns out Blake was a huge Spice Girls nerd back in ye olden times when flatform mary janes were popular. "When I was a child I probably should have been medicated about my obsession with the Spice Girls," she jokes. "I had the Buffalo shoes, a customised Baby Spice necklace — when I say custom made it was made out of plastic from the local mall — and a Union Jack dress."

So, basically what we're wearing right now. Twins!

Source: Marie Claire via Mirror

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09.8.2012 / 03:52 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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