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Gossip Girl

Blake Lively Reveals Her Surprising Style Icon!

When we think about Gossip Girl's Blake Lively (Serena), three things come to mind: endless legs, amazing hair, and killer fashion. Well, and our favorite movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants — but that's a different story (the pants bonded them together, guys! The pants!).

Blake is known for looking chic and whimsical both on and off the red carpet, and she attributes her style not to a high profile designer or a celebrity fashion maven, but to her very own mom! Blake tells Glamour of her maternal fashion hero,

She was always very effortless. You know, she got ready in a hurry. And whenever I really take time to get ready you know, just when I'm leaving the house it's a disaster. What is happening? Who are you kidding? I look like Punky Brewster. But when I get ready in two seconds I just have the best outfit. So that what's good about always being in a hurry –– you get to be more creative.

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Of course, Blake isn't wearing homemade items nowadays (unless Karl Lagerfeld is secretly hand-knitting ball gowns in his love shack), and she's lucky enough to have access to the world's best designers. "Being on Gossip Girl exposed me to all of the the designers and it was like going to be best fashion school you could ever go to because you get to see all the different designers," Blake says. "I get to meet all of them through the show and have strong relationships with people like Anna Wintour who would sit me down and introduce me to the most iconic designers alive today."

So how many fab couture creations does Blake get to wear per year for Gossip girl? "We have 9 — anywhere between 9 and 15 outfits an episode. 27 episodes a year for 6 years." That’s a lot of math — and a lot of clothes.

In the words of Britney Spears, "she's so lucky, she's a star."

Source: Glamour

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09.8.2012 / 12:52 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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