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Glee’s Darren Criss: Shooting The Break-Up Scenes Left Me “Emotionally Exhausted”

Is Darren Criss (Blaine) trying to tell us that Klaine will soon be dunzo? Let’s just say that things are sounding less and less promising for Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine.

Darren Criss recently spoke with Billboard about filming for Season 4, Episode 4: “The Break-Up,” particularly during the tear-jerking park scene set to No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.”

Darren reveals that filming that scene was difficult for him emotionally — and the fact that he’d spent the entire day before starring in an extremely lengthy live performance Team Starkid’s new Harry Potter musical certainly didn’t help!

I had no idea [that Glee would be filming that particular scene], and that's a very big scene and I was very upset because I wanted to prep more for it,” he says. A very big scene, eh? Uh-oh.

Could it be that the reason the scene was so tough for Darren was because it was Kurt and Blaine who are breaking up? We’re starting to think so. Darren even goes on to say that the filming left him “really exhausted, emotionally exhausted.” That doesn’t sound like a good sign for Klaine fans!

Speaking of Klaine fans, Darren says that he appreciates the energy that Glee’s fans bring when they watch the shoots on location in New York City, even though it can sometimes be tough for an actor. “[The fans] were right in my eyeline, and I had to go over and explain like, ‘I'm so happy you're here but have you ever been writing an essay and someone is looking over your shoulder? It's really tough and this is work for me so would you mind moving over?’” Seems understandable, no?

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However, Darren acknowledges that the fans were quick to move when asked, and he says that he is grateful that fans want to feel connected to the show. “You can never complain about love,” he continues. Nice save, Darren.

And if you’re happy Glee is finally doing a No Doubt song, you have Darren to thank! The actor says he was the one who suggested to Ryan Murphy to use “Don’t Speak” for a big break-up scene, calling it “one of the greatest break-up pop songs of the last 100 years.” Perhaps Darren has a future as a music supervisor — y’know, if this whole acting thing doesn’t pan out.

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