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Natalie Getz’s Bachelor Pad 3 Blog: I’m So Proud Of Chris Bukowski

Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz isn't one to shy away from real talk, and Bachelor Pad 3 has filled her with all kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Especially when it comes to the penultimate episode — a WTF fest the likes of which we've never seen.

We've rounded up Natalie's most thoughtful Bachelor Blog musings, all of which we agree with wholeheartedly!

"Chris Harrison took a basic, denim top to the next level," Natalie says. "I’ve been digging denim on denim for the past year or so and it’s finally catching on. It is tricky to pull off, but the key is to make sure your denim mixes are different shades of blue. The only thing denim I still don’t agree with, and probably never will (unless it’s on a small child) is a denim skirt. Please ladies, don’t wear this. The other day I saw a girl wearing a ruffled, denim skirt with a polo. I about lost my sh*t."

On Stripping Down At The Bare Nude Pool:


"Let me explain why I took my top off," Natalie says. "You see…I was drunk. That, and I’d never been to a nude pool and thought it would be fun! Oh, and Dave told me that if I didn’t, he would not give me the rose."

"I’m proud of Chris for making a strategic decision, not an emotional one," Natalie admits. "Chris may very well be one of the best players from all three seasons. Even if you dislike him, you can’t deny that! He got himself this far when basically every episode he was on the chopping block."

On Ed And Jaclyn's Performance:

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"I’m not sure who dressed these guys, but Jaclyn looks like a Scottish, slutty school girl," Natalie dishes. "How is Ed going to get through this performance next to a schoolgirl outfit? I hope he isn’t wearing tight pants. I think this is why Ed started humping Jaclyn on stage during there [sic] performance. He couldn’t control his little buddy any longer around that schoolgirl skirt."

Source: Natalie's Bachelor Pad Blog

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