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Pretty Little Liars

Troian Bellisario Reveals Her Most Embarrassing Fashion Moment

Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario looks fabulous both onscreen and off, but her fashion choices didn't always earn rave reviews.

Troian attended Tadashi Shoji's Fashion Week show in NYC this week, where she spoke to Entertainment Weekly. Asked about her biggest fashion faux-pas ever, Troian relayed a story that involved an item of clothing that many people would include when discussing their biggest fashion faux-pas ever: Ugg boots. (*Shudder*)

Troian says that her stepmother had picked up a pair of Uggs from Australia before the boots had made it big over here. Troian says that she loved her Uggs and wore them at school with a mini-skirt, but the boots did not receive a favorable response from her fellow classmates. "I swear everybody around me was like, ‘Those are the fugliest shoes I’ve ever seen.’ I was so heartbroken,” Troian says. Come to think of it, Troian's friends' remarks sound sorta like something that Alison would say on Pretty Little Liars, dontcha think?

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However, it sounds like Troian got the last laugh. “I took them home and vowed never to wear them again," she says. "Three months later the Ugg craze hit I was like, ‘You hypocritical bitches!’" Looks like her stepmom was just a bit ahead of the curve.

And who knew that Troian's classmates could be almost as vicious as "A"?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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