ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 3 Recap: 50 Shades of Grey, 1 Naked Quitter
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 3 Recap: 50 Shades of Grey, 1 Naked Quitter

Finally! No, not finally Maria Tucker quit America's Next Top Model — although, no complaints about being down to just one person name-dropping Harvard every five minutes. Finally, ANTM had a fantastic photo shoot, the kind that reminds us how this show is sometimes genuinely good at showcasing models. It's too bad Maria had no problem sticking her head out of the wall as a hunting trophy, but withdrew from the competition just before the gorgeous, tasteful black-and-white "nude" shoot with judge Rob Evans.

ANTM has no qualms about exploiting starlets’ willingness to do the tackiest things on TV, but the best modeling shots on Cycle 19, Episode 3: “The Girl Who Wants Out,” were the ones that didn’t take the cheap way out. Just say no to kinky Fifty Shades of Grey reenactments. Just say yes to sensual poses and arresting smizes, made even better by some flattering makeovers. (Brittany Brown and Laura James, you win the makeover awards this season.) These are the shots you put at the front of your book. Unless you quit modeling before you take them. Still, good for Maria for standing up for herself — and standing up to Kelly Cutrone. That never ends well, but it’s good to see someone try.

Lelia Goldkuhl won the challenge last week and shared The Tyra Suite with Laura. (Leila. She’s so hot right now. Leila.) Laura’s reaction was interesting. She seems to be playing Survivor and said she has no plans on sharing strategy with anyone, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 3 Recap: 50 Shades of Grey, 1 Naked Quitter
Credit: The CW    

For the first time, the models were given a “choice” whether to get a makeover or not. Sort of. There was definitely punishment in store for anyone who exercised her right to choose. All the models said “yes” to makeovers — without knowing what they’d get — except Maria, who said “hell, no!” and Victoria Henley, who at least debated first. Allyssa Vuelma’s reaction to Victoria: “This bitch is stupid, ‘cause if anyone needs a makeover, it’s her.” Someone needs to give Allyssa’s mouth a makeover! Destiny Strudwick cried over her makeover. Someone always does. For her, she was upset because she didn’t want to look like a little boy or a lesbian.

The models all seemed to think Maria had a bad attitude — and maybe she did, for the “hell, no” and what sounded like the c-word about Kelly (from a divinity student!) — but as Maria herself put it, if they offer you the option to decline a makeover, you shouldn’t be punished for it. Victoria cried with regret — even though her concerns had to do with her heritage, and probably her mom, like everything else — but it was pretty passive-aggressive for Tyra Banks and Kelly to step in and interrogate the two girls who declined a makeover. Maria clashed with Kelly, especially after Maria dissed ANTM in favor of Karl Lagerfeld. Imagine! Kelly sniffed, “You’re really committed to defending mediocrity.” Maria basically shrugged it off, which must’ve killed Kelly inside. But Kelly won in the end.

Apparently Darian Ellis is loud at all hours — and Kiara Belen asked Allyssa to tell Darian to keep it down late at night. Why a messenger was necessary is question enough, but the larger question became “Why are you fighting over who is a ‘real bitch’”? Last week it was Kiara vs. Destiny so when Kiara insisted she was a “real bitch,” it was disappointing, but hard to disagree. For once, we’re with Victoria, questioning what it accomplishes to argue over being “a real-ass bitch.” Let’s ask her mom!

Tony Duran was the shoot photographer — and he’s the one who got Johnny Wujek started in the fashion world. He gets props for this nude shoot. Especially since he got Rob to show off his fine bod. The photos look good in color, but much, much better in black-and-white. (Click here to see for yourself.) Johnny said Laura “crushed it,” which is her great new makeover taking over. (Just like the newly blonde Laura from Cycle 18. It’s a trend!) Allyssa’s sexy curves also impressed Johnny. He was not that into Darian. Rob said he expected more from an athlete like Kiara, but she held back. Destiny also continued the pattern of someone getting an extreme makeover they didn’t want and further failing to “rock it” in the photo shoot. Victoria came through for Johnny and really impressed him. He seems to really like her, in general.

ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 3 Recap: 50 Shades of Grey, 1 Naked Quitter
Credit: The CW    

When it was Maria’s turn to have nude time with Rob, she decided she didn’t want to be a model after all. She thought this is what she wanted, but ANTM crushed her modeling spirit. Oh well. There’s no way we’d turn down a nude shoot with Rob, but to each her own.

In order of call-outs, based on judges’ scores and social media scores.

1. Victoria — Best photo of the week. She started by apologizing for declining the makeover. Tyra loves a teaching moment! Kelly loved the shot, all of it. Tyra said she was modeling curly-head-to-toe. Bryanboy said there was a huge jump in her social media ranking this week. She got higher scores and more positive comments. Kelly gave her a 9. So did Rob. Tyra went for a 10.

2. Brittany Brown — Rob said her body and face looked amazing, like she was giving her ex-boyfriend a message about what he was missing. Kelly said it was “slamming sexy.” It was one of her favorite shots. Bryanboy said she was a surprise hit. Rob gave her a 9. Tyra and Kelly both went with 10s. Go Disney girl!

3. Allyssa — Kelly loved the proportion and curve. She could sell anything with her hair and body, Kelly said. Tyra said she loves a girl who is inhaling in a photo. “You are Megan Fox and J.Lo’s baby.” Ha! One fan at home said Allyssa is perfect and looks like a pro model already. Kelly gave an 8. Rob went with 9. Tyra gave her a full 10.

4. Leila — Everyone still loves her, but Kelly would’ve liked to see something more womanly. “It’s a little borderline, like, teenager.” Rob loves her and gave her a 10. Kelly gave a 7. Tyra went for 9.

5. Laura — Rob loved her shot and called her a Greek goddess being held by a Greek god (aka himself!). Kelly loved the shot but not her hand. Tyra didn’t mind the hand. Bryanboy shared a fan’s comment that she looked sleek and worked the light perfectly. True! Rob gave her a 10. Tyra and Kelly gave her scores of 8.

6. Nastasia Scott — Kelly loved her energy and hair. Rob said he doesn’t know any other model in the industry who has hair like her, so that makes her unique. Tyra said this photo makes her look too petite. Kelly gave a 7, Rob gave a 9. Tyra went with 6.

ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 3 Recap: 50 Shades of Grey, 1 Naked Quitter
Credit: The CW    

7. Kristin Kagay — Rob gave her a back-handed compliment, saying the photo wasn’t as bad as he expected. He called her “quite difficult to work with,” like she didn’t want to be there. (Guess he’s not a fan!) Tyra loved the picture, but her film in general was that great. Kelly gave her a 7. Rob went for 6. Tyra gave an 8.

8. Destiny — Even Tyra didn’t like Destiny’s hair. She wanted honey blonde with bleached eyebrows and that may be what Destiny gets next week. (!) Tyra saw fear in Destiny’s eyes. Rob thought she played it too safe. Some fan on video thought Destiny and Rob had the best chemistry. Kelly gave her a 7, so did Rob. Tyra went for a 6.

9. Kiara — Kelly called her some kind of “ninja Pilates instructor” pulling him into an exercise he couldn’t figure out. Bryanboy said Kiara had one of the lowest ratings online. He added that he thought she looked like “Pocahontas on steroids.” Kelly gave her a 4. Rob went with 7. Tyra was way up at 9. Is she blind — or did she want to save her?

Both Yvonne and Darian cried about it, but the fans saved Yvonne. Just barely.

10. Yvonne Powless — Kelly said she has what it takes to deliver as a “fiercely-real model” but she didn’t give it with her proportions in this shot. Yvonne didn’t like having her ass as the focal point, so it sounds like this shot may not have been her idea. Tyra liked the booty shot. (Of course.) Bryanboy said her fans were disappointed in her this week. They didn’t like the photo. Kelly gave her a 4. Rob and Tyra gave 6s.

Darian — Kelly called her photo harsh and rugged from the neck up. She didn’t love it. Rob said she should be careful how much she pouts her lips. Tyra said she doesn’t need to push so much. Bryanboy said Darian has fallen off the radar with the public. She looked disconnected from Rob. Kelly gave her a 5. Rob gave her a 4. Tyra went for a 7.

Do you think we’ll see Darian again? She now joins Jessie Rabideau as a Comeback Kid, hoping the fans (who voted months ago, so don’t bother trying to do it now) save her.

Do you agree with the top and bottom this week?

Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, September 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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