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Mean Stinks! In Primetime

We’re “McLovin” This Anti-Bullying Message!

Mean Stinks! In Primetime
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Source: Cambio

Christopher Minze-Plasse, AKA: ‘McLovin’, from the movie, Superbad, is back on the big screen, ‘getting freaky’ in a different way as the voice of Alvin in the animated movie, ParaNorman. Unlike his character in Superbad, Alvin has a dominated presence, and a reputation as a bully.

Click HERE for video of Christopher’s interview with Cambio

But don’t worry, the lovable nerd we got to know isn’t gone. His role as a bully in ParaNorman was actually created to show the consequences of bullying.

Example? In the movie, when Alvin bullies Norman - a character who can see paranormal activity - he prevents Norman from stopping a curse that brings on a zombie attack!


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About: Mean Stinks!In Primetime

What kind of mean? Peer-to-peer, face-to-face, text-to-text, whatever.

It’s Bullying.

We know it exists, and your favorite's in entertainment are taking a stand to address it. Wetpaint knows that the issue of bullying is one that matters to you. That’s why we cpartnered with Secret Mean Stinks! to highlight the best and brightest primetime episodes featuring positive messages and anti-bullying themes, as well as the latest news on the real-life efforts and experiences of celebs and what they're doing to help.

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To learn more about how to stop bullying in your school, check out the Mean Stinks Facebook page.