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Revenge Season 2 First Look: Jennifer Jason Leigh as Amanda Clarke’s Mother, Kara!

When Nolan Ross revealed that Emily Thorne’s mother was still alive in Revenge’s Season 1 finale, her eyes grew bigger and our minds started working. And when it was announced that actress Jennifer Jason Leigh would be playing the estranged mommy not-so-dearest, we tried to imagine what she would be like.

But today, TV Guide put our waiting to rest when they released this new photo of JJL playing with a young Amanda Clarke. Holding Amanda in the ocean, this young mother doesn’t look dangerous, but according to show creator Mike Kelley, looks can be deceiving.

“This is a woman who has battled demons her entire life,” he said. “She’s a borderline personality with serious mental disorders. We will learn that her separation from Amanda as a young girl was because Amanda was not safe around her.”

And in addition to her little mood swings, we were also surprised to discover that Amanda’s mother is named Kara Wallace Clarke. This seems like a slight mistake on the part of the show’s writers who revealed in Season 1 that her name was Kara Wilkins.

Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh also teased that some truths about Kara will be “really dark and surprising,” and could have a shocking connection to the Graysons!

We can’t wait to learn more about this mysterious — and foreboding — character as we prepare for Season 2’s Sept. 30 premiere!

Are you excited for the return of Emily Thorne’s mother? Tell us below!

Source: TV Guide

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09.10.2012 / 08:18 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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