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Which Teen Mom Boyfriend Packed His Bags and Moved Out?!

There's trouble in chicken alfredo paradise, y'all. Teen Mom 2's most misunderstood bad girl and her wayward on-again off-again boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, have officially broken up. Noooo, come back to us, Delplicious!

Jenelle and Kieffer have parted ways more times than we can count, but this particular blow-up sounds like it might be the real deal. It all started when Jenelle tweeted this cryptic message in the wee hours of September 10: "Planned something to try and make my bf realize something, totally backfired. :/ this might be the end of things..."

Jenelle failed to elaborate, but her "plan" resulted in Kieffer stealing her phone and writing a series of rude messages on Twitter. Keef's tweets have since been deleted, and Jenelle took it to the internet to say, "My support system = me, myself, and I ... Please just let me run away, far away. Can't have friends cuz of society, can't trust a soul. :'("

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Meanwhile, Kieffer's heart is breaking all over Twitter, and he seems to be vacillating between sentimental musings ("Maybe yu will find Someone to treat u rite since I'm mean and broke and a bum maube you can finally b happy once I'm gone") and hateful insults ("Jenelle is the biggest c*** I've ever met in my life. I hope she never gets Jace back").

Kieffer stayed the night at Jenelle's house after their fight, but he's packed his bags and has "a ride" picking him up so he can leave first thing Monday morning.

We don't know what Jenelle could have done to incur Kieffer's wrath, but check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for the newest details about this breakup!

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