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Real Housewives of New York

Aviva Mocks Sonja for Being “Holier-Than-Thou,” Sonja Fights Back: Blame It on the Alcohol?

Oh boy. On the third and final night of the St. Barts Trip of Terror (Season 5, Episode 15: “Vacation, All I Never Wanted”), Aviva Drescher and Sonja Morgan jump-started an evening of drinking, name-calling, and that old The Real Housewives of New York standby: insulting each other’s parenting skills.

Aviva and Sonja faced off in the house’s beautiful kitchen, and Aviva once again pointed out that there have been a lot of guys on this so-called “girls trip,” as Sonja insists on calling it. So Aviva says that the one-night stands and constant drinking are a little classless.

“At 40-plus years, I think it’s a little immature,” she tells Sonja. After calling Sonja a double-dealer, Aviva mocks Sonja, saying, “You’re bigger and holier than thou. You’re better than everybody else.”

Sonja goes into a monologue about her mouth being worth money. “My mouth is money.” She continued, “I have been around a long time. I’m old, I’m not a young bitch.” And then, “I work my ass off.” Aviva fought back with, "This is a great example for your daughter."

Reminiscent of Scary Island, this alcohol-tinged fight sounded, at times, like a lot of nonsense. Did any of it make sense to you?

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