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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad 3 Winner Nick Peterson: “Nobody Was Ever on My Team”

ABC finally found The Last Unicorn in Nick Peterson, who fooled the entire cast of Bachelor Pad 3 and won it all — namely, $250,000. In the BP3 finale, Rachel Truehart voted to share the money with her partner, but Nick had other plans, stymied by both strategy and emotion. Here’s the text of Nick’s speech and Rachel’s reaction:

Credit: ABC    

Nick: "Nobody sitting up there in the cast, nobody in this audience right now, and nobody sitting at home watching right now would have put their money on me to win this. It's crazy though to sit up here and watch the last episode, and see Jaclyn say that I don't deserve to be here. And see Ed say that I'm just an anonymous guy in the house.

It's like, ouch, thanks Ed. I was on nobody's radar, nobody was ever on my team. And I did this all myself. Nobody ever cared how I was going to vote. Nobody cared what my plan was. And I feel like I'm an outsider, and I got here by myself, and I did this all by myself.

Rachel never wanted to be my partner. She didn't. As a matter of fact, she told me that she backed into this partnership. And she tried to leave on me three times. You tried to leave on me three times. And, knowing that it would screw me over. But it didn't matter. You knew it was going to screw me over, but it didn't matter. And I had to talk to you, and Jaclyn talked to you, and you know what you said to me? You said it was Jaclyn's words that kept you here, not mine. I was like, really, wow? Never once did you say, you know I'm gonna stick it out for your sake, Nick. I had to bring it up. You wanted to do it for Michael. You were on the phone with Michael. You wanted to see Michael. And you know how bad it sucks when you're in the final competition to sing together and you tell me that 'if Michael and I were to be in this competition together, we'd win this for sure.' But I was your partner. You sure did, and so I decided to keep."

Rachel: "You are disgusting, you are a disgusting human being."
Nick: "Everyone one of you were here to win $250,000, that's what I was here to win, and that's what I won."
Rachel: "You're such a fucking schmuck. You are disgusting."
Nick: “I’m a schmuck with $250,000.”