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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad 3’s Nick Peterson vs. Chris Bukowski: Who’s Hotter?

It's been two long months of waxed happy trails and undulating pecs, and the time has come to determine which hunky man finalist on Bachelor Pad 3 is hotter. It all comes down to Chris Bukowski and Nick Peterson, two studs both alike in studliness.

First let's talk about Chris. Despite the fact that all the Padettes loathed him with the passion of a thousand Franzia boxes, Chris has remained hotter than hot at every turn. Whether he's wearing a sinister hoodie, an unexplained man-tank, or some simple baby oil, boyfriend always looks A+. And don't even get us started on him singing "Sister Christian," because our ovaries might explode in a good way.

But then there's Nick Peterson. Sure, he was barely around for most of Bachelor Pad, but when he was on camera he never failed to give us front row seats to the Gun Show. We imagine Nick could bench press and entire army of bikini-clad ladies without breaking a sweat, and his dimples! His dimples!

What do you think, Bachelor Nation? Which man finalist takes the hunky cake?