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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad’s Rachel Truehart: 5 Things You Need To Know

It's been a while since Rachel Truehart and her fashion-forward bangs have popped up on our television screens, and oh how we've missed her. This sweet-talking Massachusetts native charmed Ben Flajnik's tighty whities off during The Bachelor (we'll never forget their convo about "crows feet" and "beaver dams"), and now she's back for Bachelor Pad 3!

Check out 5 things you need to know about Rachel before she gets her public humiliation on.

1. She Has a Passion for Fashion!
Did you notice how elegant Rachel looking during her time in Ben's lady hive? Girl is all about styling it pretty, which makes sense considering that she used to a be a fashion sales rep! Rachel quit her job to appear on The Bachelor, but she doesn't have any regrets. "I chose to leave my job for the show because I wasn't happy there," she tells Life & Style. "I thought it was a good time in my life to do it. I had been at my company for five years. Why not now?"

2. Her Sister Is a Model!
Rachel's good looks must be genetic, because her sister, Crystal Truehart (best name ever), is a professional model. She even appeared on Season One of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, which means she knows all kinds of gossip about our queen, Tyra Banks. Do tell, Rach!

3. She Wants to Walk In a Man's Shoes!
Dating stud muffins is hard, and Rachel is dying to know what it's like to be a man. In her ABC bio she says, “I think I would want to be a guy for the day just to see what it's like.... I think I would hate it but it would be good insight. Either that or a huge celebrity and see what it's like to be followed and photographed everywhere you go.” Um, earth to Rachel — you already are a huge celebrity!

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4. She's Besties With Bachelor Winner Courtney Robertson
Courtney Robertson got a seriously bad rap during The Bachelor (impromptu skinny dipping, anyone?), but Rachel says they were “pretty close friends” during filming. “I hope people will give her a chance and not judge her just from what they saw on the show," Rachel tells Bachelor Expert. "She is SO much more than that.” Awww, Rachel is such a sweetie! But let's hope she breaks out her claws on BP3, because there's no room for sensitive souls in Chris Harrison's love nest.

5. She's Looking for Love
Unfortunately, Ben and Rachel aren't living happily ever after, but since moving to New York this gal has been ready to mingle. "I'm totally open to dating," she tells Life & Style. "Single scene in New York, gotta love it!" Who else thinks Rachel will find the man of her dreams on Bachelor Pad? We hear Tony the Lumberjack is looking...

09.11.2012 / 06:55 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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