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The Bachelorette

Do You Blame Nick For His Selfish Bachelor Pad 3 Decision?


Credit: ABC via Wenn    

Wow! Someone finally won $250,000 on Bachelor Pad!

For the first two seasons, the winning couple has chosen “Share” and split the money. On Bachelor Pad 3 finale, Nick Peterson — who was a ghost for most of the season — was the first person to pick “Keep,” while his more popular partner, Rachel Truehart, picked “Share.” So Nick got the money. Rachel got nothing.

Do you blame Nick for his decision or is all fair in love, war and reality TV game shows? He had no real connections in the house and only became Rachel’s partner about two weeks ago. Everyone talks about going on the show for cash — specifically $250K, not half that — and he put his money where his mouth was. Or do you think he was a total jerk for cutting Rachel out of the loop, especially since she was 1) arguably the reason they won to begin with and 2) already down from losing her first partner, Michael Stagliano, who didn’t reciprocate her strong feelings? So Rachel left without love or money.

Do you think Nick was wrong for what he did or was he just smart for taking emotion out of the game?