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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Looks Back on the Teen Mom Reunion Special: I Don’t Regret Anything I Said – Exclusive!

Teen Mom has finally come to an end after four action-packed seasons, but thanks to Dr. Drew's two-part reunion special, we're treated to an extra helping of juicy drama.

Last week, Farrah Abraham had her moment on the floor to clear the air on topics ranging from her mother, Debra, to her ex-boyfriend Daniel. We recently caught up with the MTV star in New York City, and gave her the chance to look back on the episode now that a few months have passed.

Want to know the current status of her relationship with her mom? Or maybe you're dying to know if she and Daniel have reconciled. Keep reading for Farrah's candid response to last week's Teen Mom reunion, and don't forget to tune in tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV for Pt. 2!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Last week, things were still a bit strained with your mom. What is the status of your relationship now?

Farrah Abraham: From the first reunion to now, there's a huge change in our relationship. We actually deal with each other.

I just think that when your parents are completely different from you, and they still think of you as somewhat of a baby, no matter what, and I guess we just have different opinions and views on future plans. So all of that conflicting with things, it's best to just act like a mother and a daughter and leave it all alone. That's what I try to do — accept my mom for being my mom now and if she wants to get off that path and start to talk about serious things, I just let it go because I don't want to argue and waste our time together.

So you've learned to agree to disagree?

No, I don't even agree to disagree. I just kind of go, "Mmmkay," and turn the conversation back to family or Sophia or let's go to the zoo, or something like that. My mom likes to bicker I think, and fighting is sometimes normal, but too much arguing isn't good.

How about the status of your parents' relationship? That came up last week.

Isn't that crazy, right? I've just been sitting back and not getting involved.

I was just actually in Texas two days ago with my dad and I brought Sophia — it was a book signing — so we were there with him. And my dad says "my ex-wife" and my mom says "my husband." Somebody's a little bit off.

I've said enough about my mother, but some people need a little wake-up call and I’m sick of giving it to them. I'm outspoken enough. I'm open and honest to my parents. No more arguing for me.

So they're not together?

No, they're not together.

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Another thing you touched on was calling your biological father Michael instead of dad …

I've said it before, it's all because I have a half sister and because my mom lived her life before I was born. I try to make amends with everybody and keep it fair, so I call him Michael like she calls him Michael, and I say dad when I'm just with him. I just understand to be aware of other people's feelings and touchy subjects.

I don't agree with how my mom now is having Sophia call my dad Michael. It's kind of something my mom started and tries to continue to press, and I've just said "No, Grandpa Abraham. Grandpa."

You also talked about Daniel a little bit …

Yes, that little road bump.

We actually interviewed him recently

I'm just not going to touch upon that topic. Who is he? I don't know. And he probably lied to you.

What did you mean when you said "Little boy broke"?

He probably had no money to buy a ring, he is a little boy, called me immature. I'm way more mature. I'm opening businesses, taking care of a child. I'm very focused and I know what I want. He wants to waste his time, and he's older than I am. He's a little boy, I'm not.

And he's broke because he's like, oh, she's putting too much pressure on me because I brought up marriage. I wanted to know where I was, so I brought him on a little kayak and I asked him. And he couldn't handle it. And to be honest, when the cameras went off, he freaked out in front of his friends and I left that night. The next night he never showed up at the hotel, which you all saw.

So I just feel like he's a loser and a liar and I wish him all the best. Hopefully he'll find a new girlfriend to play games with.

Looking back on the reunion special, is there anything you said that you regret?

No, I don't think there's anything I regret. I'm just living life in the moment. You can't really see everything, so maybe you think I'm being too harsh, but really I'm probably not.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of Wetpaint Entertainment's exclusive interview with Farrah Abraham about her love life, restaurant, and future plans in reality TV!

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