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Glee Season 4: New Girl Marley Has a “Dark” Past — AND a Huge Crush on [Spoiler]!

Joining the cast of Glee might be a blast, but what isn’t fun is the first time you get blasted in the face with an ice-cold slushie. Just ask newest Glee star Melissa Benoist (Marley), who learned the hard way that getting slushied is no picnic.

Melissa spoke to the Denver Post about what her life has been like since getting cast on Glee in July to play new girl Marley. “It's really crazy, definitely,” Melissa says. “I haven't really had much time to process it.” Can you really blame her? This is freakin’ Glee we’re talking about.

Melissa knows that things will get even crazier once the show starts airing, and her more seasoned co-workers have offered some advice. “Go to Disneyland and enjoy your anonymity while it lasts,” is what Melissa says that the other cast members have recommended. And who needs a lot of convincing to make an impromptu trip to Disneyland?

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But what Melissa hasn’t loved is a nice, refreshing slushie to the face. "Oh, it's awful," she says. "It was like a permanent brain freeze for two minutes straight. That cold stuff is just sitting right on your bare forehead and scalp, permeating your brain." Wait — so Hollywood has invented fake beer for actors to drink while filming, but no one has created a fake slushie that isn’t freezing cold? Somebody needs to get on that!

Melissa — who performed in musicals while growing up in Colorado and while attending Marymount Manhattan College in New York City — says that her character Marley has a secretive past. “She's just come from a really difficult struggle in her life,” she reveals. “Her past is really kind of dark for a 16-year-old.” Yikes!

However, Melissa says that New Directions could be just what Marley needs to give her life a, well, new direction. “I think the glee club at school is going to allow her to kind of figure out who she is. Because she is a good girl ... and she is very shy,” according to Melissa. But if Marley is gonna survive amidst the outsized personalities of New Directions, we think she’d better come out of her shell — and fast!

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And it won’t take Marley long to flirt with one of Glee’s newest hunks, as reveals Marley “has the hots” for Puck’s (Mark Salling) litle brother, Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist), in the season premiere. And Ryan Murphy even teased on Twitter, “GLEE's amazingly adorable new choir-room additions (are) Jacob Artist and Melissa Benoist ... soon to be known as JARLEY

Puck and Rachel (Lea Michele) might never have had a fighting chance on Glee, but perhaps their mini-mes will be able to have the romance Puckelberry fans always hoped for. Puckelberry 2.0, anyone?

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