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The Vampire Diaries

Happy Anniversary, Vampire Diaries: What Are Your Favorite Episodes From the First Three Years?

Time flies when you’re vamping. The Vampire Diaries Season 1 premiere was three years ago today, September 10, 2009. Back then we had no idea how much we’d grow to love this show, but it’s so full of twists, one-liners, heartbreak, and, of course, hotness, how could we not?

In honor of the occasion, executive producer Julie Plec tweeted her favorite episodes. Let us know if you agree!

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 3, Friday Night Bites: “for our first understanding of who Damon was and who was he going to become.”

Season 1, Episode 5, You're Undead to Me: “for Mads Langer's 'Beauty of the Dark' montage, brought to you by @TheJoshuaButler, ending with 'What are you?'”

Season 1, Episode 6, Lost Girls: “for @kevwilliamson at his finest: Damon and Vicki.”

Season 1, Episode 9, History Repeating: “because Marcos directed it w zero prep during the darkest time of Season 1 and it rocked, & for football brother-bonding.”

Season 1, Episode 17, Let the Right One In: “because it proved our crew could do anything -- but that they would kill us if we ever made them do it again.”

Season 1, Episode 22, Founder's Day: “because we made a feature film in 10 days. And because of that whole Katherine thing....”

“Honorary mention: [Season 1, Episode 18] Under Control: because of getting to watch@paulwesley try not to lose his Rippah sh*t. And for Uncle John and Paramore.”

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Season 2

Season, 2, Episode 6, Plan B: “To this day one of my Top 5. First major act 6 sob-fest of the season. And Katherine at her most diabolical. RIP Uncle Mason.”

Season 2, Episode 7, Masquerade: “another @kevwilliamson gold medal: breaking Aimee's spine on the dance floor.”

Season 2, Episode 9, Katerina:@ninadobrev at her greatest, the first mention of Klaus! (honorary mention, Rose: for our first intro to the Gillies aka Elijah).”

Season 2, Episode 12, The Descent: “most I've cried watching the first cut of an episode. Still gets me every time. RIP Rose.”

Season 2, Episode 19, Klaus: “never was an episode full of exposition so well-executed. And because the Sun and Moon Curse was fake.”

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Season 3

Season 3, Episode 3, The End of the Affair.@carolinedries and @chrisgrismer outdid themselves, and @verschoo let them do it. A mini-movie.”

Season 3, Episode 5, The Reckoning: “might be my number 1 favorite episode of the whole series.”

Season 3, Episode 7, Ghost World: “because every now and then it's okay to just CRY. And for @tyleredits using 'This Woman's Work' while Anna reunites w her mom.”

Season 3, Episode 11, Our Town: “editor Lance Anderson at his best. Because we already knew when Elena and Matt stood on Wickery Bridge how the season would end.”

Season 3, Episode 20, Do Not Go Gentle: “‘Be Still’, @ErnestoRiley.”

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