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The Bachelorette

Rachel Truehart Confronts Ex Michael Stagliano About Girlfriend Back Home

It seemed like a match made in Mike Fleiss’s puppet-master Bachelor Pad heaven: smokey-voiced blondie Rachel Truehart and cocky, charismatic Michael Stagliano. But theirs was a love journey never fully realized; Michael the Pad before Rachel, who was heartbroken — but it turns out Michael wasn’t equally distraught about their sudden separation. In the Bachelor Pad 3 finale, Michael had to have that awkward “I just wasn’t that into you” conversation with Rachel onstage in front of a live studio audience. Here’s how it went down:

Rachel: "I'm confused on a lot of things because I think you guys all saw how he [Michael] was on the show. You were so into me. All of America saw it. You were really into me, and I'm not making that up in my head. And that's the hardest part. I just really trusted you, not only with the the game, but in my heart too. Things that you said to me, such as saying you haven't felt this way about somebody since your last relationship, that's a really loaded statement."

Michael: "Once I got off I realized I wasn't falling in love, so doing a long distance relationship. That's a huge step that I wasn't willing to take."

Rachel: "I thought it was gonna be this great relationship. I thought I'd be sitting up here maybe in Blakeley and Tony's position."

Rachel: "Later, I hear he was dating somebody else. She lives in Chicago and it's a long distance relationship, and literally that crushed me."