Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    
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Revenge Season 2: Dead or Alive Spoiler Roundup

Season 1 of Revenge ended in plane explosions and pill popping, which put three of the show’s main characters in jeopardy. Show creator Mike Kelley has already promised that at least one of those three will be declared dead come Season 2, and thanks to a plethora of juicy spoilers this summer, we now know who survived and who is six feet under.

Read on at your own risk!

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Charlotte Grayson

Status: Alive

What Happened: At the end of Season 1, the distraught youngster downed a bottle of pain pills upon hearing the tragic news of her mother’s plane explosion. Faux-papa Conrad ran into the room to find Char passed out on the bed.

Result: It seems Charlotte is still alive, but a little worse for the wear. “Yes, lovely people, Charlotte has survived,” actress Christa Allen told us. “When we find Charlotte, in the opening of Episode 1 of Season 2, the addiction is still involved in some way and affecting her.”

It’s even been said that Charlotte could take a walk in her half sister’s footsteps and go down a revengey path. “I think with the amount of harm that’s been done to Charlotte, now’s about the time she should start getting revenge,” Christa added.

Credit: ABC    

Lydia Davis

Status: Dead

What Happened: Lydia was last seen boarding a plane to Washington D.C. to testify against Conrad and Grayson Global. It was later reported that Lydia’s plane exploded. This plane was also supposed to be carrying Victoria Grayson, though the two boarded at separate times.

Result: According to Henry Czerny (Conrad Grayson), Lydia “definitely died” in the plane crash. And actress Amber Valletta recently tweeted about no longer being on set, so we doubt Lydia will live on in flashbacks anytime soon.

Credit: ABC    

Victoria Grayson

Status: Alive (Probably)

What Happened: Dressed in a bad ass white peacoat, Victoria Grayson boarded the infamous plane as Florence + the Machine played in the background. The camera cut to what appeared to be a plane maintenance man, but turned out to be the terrifying White-Haired Man. The camera then cuts to a reporter announcing that a flight supposedly carrying Victoria Grayson has exploded.

Result: Every potential Victoria-based spoiler leading up to this season tells us that the Hamptons queen still lives. Though we haven’t seen her on set, co-star Josh Bowman has said she’s alive, Emily VanCamp declared it “safe to assume that Madeleine [Stowe] will be back,” and Christa Allen talked about Madeleine’s birthday gift, which we assume puts them together in August.

What do you think of these spoilers? Are you glad to see Lydia gone? Tell us below!

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