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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: An In-Depth Analysis of the Show’s Second Trailer (PHOTOS)

We’re exactly 20 days away from the Revenge Season 2 premiere, and the spoilers, promos, and Twitter pictures keep rolling out!

Today, ABC released a new double-feature trailer that showcased Revenge and the new drama 666 Park Avenue. Though it featured footage from the first promo, this second super-sized trailer gave us even more details! Here’s what we uncovered from the additional footage.

“Get Refills”

Credit: STILL    

We know that Emily and Nolan are attending a party on a yacht that’s rumored to be the “big event” to kick off Season 2. Originally it was teased as a wedding and Emily’s request for a refill implies an open bar. But since Em clearly isn’t the bride in question, whose wedding could this be?

Friendly Wave

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Though we can’t be sure that this wasn’t the tricky editing of the promo creators, it looks like Daniel is giving Emily a wave. As we see Conrad walk up just before they cut away, it looks like Conrad and Daniel are wearing very similar suits. Could this mean that they are in the wedding together or that one of them is getting married? Daniel also has a drink in his hand, which could mean that he’s reverted back to his party boy ways.

Emily seems willing to smile and wave back, so it looks like there’s little animosity between the two. And, as always, Nolan is only a few steps behind.

Flashlight in the Bedroom

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Cut to Emily in someone’s bedroom searching the sheets with a flashlight. It looks a little too nice to be the bedroom at the Stowaway, so is she looking for clues in Danny’s bed? Or maybe seeking out Ashley as a target post-betrayal?

“Let Them”

Credit: STILL    

Nolan declares, “They’re coming for you,” to which Emily responds, “Let them.”

We’re not sure exactly who Nolan’s referring to, considering Emily has quite a few enemies these days, but we did take notice of Emily’s wet hair. Obviously, there’s plenty of reasons it could be wet — shower, swimming, tied to a wooden post — but maybe it has to do with Emily’s fight on the beach with the mysterious man in black. We know that her mentor, Takeda, is involved with her being tied to the post, but could this new threat be related to him?

Tell us what you think of our analysis below!

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