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Should 3-Year-Old Sophia Abraham Still Be Using a Pacifier?

Can you believe that Farrah Abraham's adorable daughter Sophia is already 3 years old! It seems like just yesterday that Farrah pushed Sophia out of her lady parts at the hospital, and this little gal has been lighting up our reality TV world ever since.

Sophia is growing up so fast, but her continued pacifier use definitely makes her seem younger than her years. Soph is hardly ever seen without her pacifier, and she clearly loves it in the same way that some toddlers love their favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Sure, Sophia looks adorable with her binky popped in her mouth — but is she a little too old to be using it?

Pacifiers are designed for babies who have the urge to suck on something for comfort (usually because it reminds them of their mother's nipple during breastfeeding), but continued pacifier use isn't always a great idea. The circular plastic can be bad for teeth, cause increased risk of middle ear infections, and can even lead to speech and language problems!

Most doctors recommend limiting a child's pacifier use, but hey — Sophia is a non-stop chatter box and she has a beautiful smile! As long as the binky isn't detrimental, who cares?

What do you think, Teen Moms? Should Farrah take away Sophia's pacifier?

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