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True Blood

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Talks Fantasies and Getting Naked On and Off Screen

Joe Manganiello is most famous for three physical attributes: his sexy six-pack, rugged beard, and astounding height. So it’s fitting that his True Blood character, Alcide, was based on women’s fantasies.

“The key to working as an actor is that you have to be somebody’s fantasy,” he told Australian magazine Remix in their Spring/Summer 2012 print edition. “For example, I look like a guy who drinks beer, drives a muscle car and knows how to work on it, and went to the prom with three girls or whatever.”

But Joe, who refers to Alcide as a “big-ass bearded country dude who’s just hillbilly strong,” is quick to say that his real personality doesn’t quite match up to the persona he created.

“The truth is, I don’t drink, I don’t work on my car, I skipped my prom,” he admitted. “I was completely over high school by prom so I went to see Blade Runner in a movie theater instead.”

Joe may not drive a muscle car in real life, but he does work hard to make sure he looks good naked on-screen.

“I guess that’s why I work so hard in the gym. Try running through Central Park naked while reciting a Ralph Waldo Emerson poem,” he exclaimed. And while he admitted that he hasn’t ever ran naked in public, he said: “Hell, if I wouldn’t get arrested for it I’d do it for fun!”

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And speaking of arrests, Joe made a shocking confession about his Magic Mike research — including the sexy activities that go on behind closed doors.

“In male strip clubs … they are having sex with the girls backstage. There are women who are going to get married who are performing oral sex on these dudes in the crowd. They’re having sex with people in the parking lot, they’re following them home,” Joe spilled. “I mean it’s a free-for-all. It’s like an orgiastic male fantasy. I mean, these women went so nuts that they ripped [Matthew] McConaughey’s thong off at one point.”

That’s right, ladies — all of those lucky gals weren’t actresses; they were extras! And although the enthusiastic patrons were rewarded, Joe is nervous for their futures.

“Once the girls got into it … there are men who are going to divorce their wives once they see what they did as extras on the show.”

Check out Joe's Remix photos below and then tell us if he's your fantasy man!

Source: Remix's Spring/Summer 2012 print edition

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