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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013’s Jordyn Rossignol: 8 Things to Know

Bachelor 2013 is almost upon us, which means we're in for another season of steamy hookups, pervy cameramen, and single ladies who want nothing more than to put a ring on it! This season's Bachelor still hasn't been chosen, but his brides-to-be are already pouring in. Check out 8 things you need to know about Jordyn Rossignol, The Bachelor's resident glamazon!

1. She's a Model
Have you seen Jordyn's smokin' hot body? She was born to strut her stuff, so it makes perfect sense that she does professional modeling in her spare time — in fact, she was Maine's Junior Miss in 2006! You can check out Jordyn's modeling pictures here, here, and here — and warning! These photos are slightly NSFW. Unless your boss has an appreciation for shirtless bachelorettes with upper-inner thigh tattoos.

2. She's a Nanny
Jordyn is a child-care expert, and she currently nannies for a professional photographer named Tess, who has no problem singing her praises. Tess even describes Jordyn as "my son's nanny, who is really like my daughter." It makes sense that Jordyn's a great babysitter –– after all, she graduated from the University of Maine in 2010 with a B.A. in Early Childhood Development!

3. She's Rocking Some Serious Body Ink
Jordyn might be a fun-loving nanny, but she isn't afraid to break out her inner bad-girl. This bachelorette-to-be has three visible tattoos: "la vie est la belle" written on her collarbone, a star on her upper thigh, and something mysterious on her wrist that has yet to be deciphered by our sleuth team. The consensus? We approve!

4. She Has a Belly Piercing
Jordyn has a fabulous bikini body, so she may as well show it off with some bling! Home girl is rocking a seriously sparkly belly button piercing, the likes of which we haven't seen since Britney Spears circa the ‘90s. It's the perfect accessory to hypnotize Bachelors with, as far as we're concerned.

5. She Loves Pinterest
Get to know Jordyn's passions and interests by following her on Pinterest! This lovely lady has pins of her favorite books, fitness inspirations, makeup tutorials, and — best of all — a giant list of her favorite unhealthy snacks. Apple pie sandwiches and bacon pancakes? How are we not best friends with you, Jordyn?

6. You Can Follow Her on Twitter
Jordyn's Twitter wasn't easy to find, but anything's possible when you chug a six-pack of Red Bull and dive into the deepest corners of the internet. Follow Jordyn @JoJOPotato5, where she tweets up a storm about life in Portland, Maine, and says amazing things like, "Bad bitch make a SnapBack look fantastic," and, "I don't know why but today I feel more jacked than ever." So do we, Jordyn.

7. She Has a Pal With Paws
We are officially in love with Jordyn's dog, Rocco. All we know is that he looks like an ewok, and apparently wakes Jordyn up in the morning by "
dragging his man parts" against her face. So many feelings, all of them amazing.

8. She Writes About Heartbreak in Her Blog
Jordyn's ex-boyfriend broke her heart a year ago, and after a rough twelve months she's ready to move on. This gal regularly writes in her online blog, and her words of wisdom about life as a single lady are unmissable. " If your insecurities are controlling you, you will attract a man who is equally as insecure and awful," Jordan says. "If you live your life with a smile and a positive attitude, you will attract other people with a passion for life and loving." Hope this plan works for you on The Bachelor, Jordyn!

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