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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison On Nick Peterson’s Surprise Bachelor Pad 3 Win: “He Was Very Unbecoming”

Nick Peterson pulled a Bachelor Pad first when he decided not to share the $250k prize with Rachel Truehart, and as thrilled as we are for his big win (reach for the stars, Nick!), we were shocked by his behavior. Not only did Nick lie to Rachel about his intentions, he rubbed the winnings in her face — or, as Chris Harrison puts it, did a "touchdown dance on Rachel's soul."

"He was very unbecoming and not gentlemanly and almost downright rude, but listening to his words, I get what he was trying to say," Chris tells TV Guide. "The cool kids made fun of him, ignored him and he didn't owe them anything. If he had been more contrite and said, 'I'm sorry,' it would've come off a lot better. The funniest part was [when] Michael Stagliano ... said, 'How could you do that? There's a girl hurting next to you.' I was like, 'Wow. Hey, pot calling the kettle black.' Michael, if anyone, should've kept his mouth shut."

Wow, sounds like Chris is less than pleased with The Stag. "He tried maybe 10 times to make himself the victim again," he explains. "Did he get way too much sympathy for what happened last season with Holly? Yes. That was a situation he largely created on his own and it was in large part unfair to Holly. He played it to the hills and this season he did the same thing essentially to Rachel."

Chris is clearly bemused by his Bachelor love children, but one couple he's rooting for? Blakeley and Tony. "It's impossible not to root for them," Chris says. "They really seem to fit well and fill each other's needs. I like them both and she's a good woman and he's a good guy who adores her. It just makes sense."

For more of Chris Harrison's interview, head over to TV Guide. Until then, feel free to snuff-out some flickering candles with your tears. Sob, Rachel!

Source: TV Guide