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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Reveals His Super-Swoony Fantasy Pick for Celebrity Bachelor!

The Bachelor has been in our lives for going on 17 glorious seasons, and fans are ready for a famous face to be struck with cupid's arrow. This season's Bachelor has yet to be determined, and Papa Bear Chris Harrison is finally dishing about what goes into the decision process — and whether or not ABC will cast a famous face.

"A lot goes into it that people don’t know as far as making that final decision and who makes the best television," Chris explains to Entertainment Weekly. "We do take into consideration what the fans want and who they like, but at the same time we also have to make a television show and know what works. It’s not always the same exact thing."

So, how does the complicated casting process work? "Our casting department is always casting," Chris says. "They literally cast 12 months a year. There are even people that we think, 'They’re not good this season because they don’t fit with Emily' or 'they don’t fit with who the Bachelor is.' We’ll hold them and call them up [for another season]."

The next Bachelor has yet to be cast, but at one point rumors were circulating about Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte nabbing the position. "With Arie and Sean, or a guy like Ryan Lochte, we always discuss people like that," Chris explains. "Are they serious contenders? Does it get to the point where we’re negotiating? No. That whole Ryan Lochte thing about wanting all that money — that stuff doesn’t happen, it doesn’t get that far. But these people are definitely in the mix."

Hmmm, sounds like Chris is admitting that Ryan's name was thrown around! Does this mean a celebrity edition of Bachelor could be in our future? "If we get Jennifer Aniston, who [has been] notoriously unlucky in love — I know she’s engaged now — or that type of person, if it made sense, you could do it," Chris says. "But just to do it to say, 'Hey, we have a celebrity, look at us!' It’s kind of like doing the all-star edition of a show. It’s kind of the kiss of death, kind of the beginning of the end. You can’t just do things to be a stunt."

Speaking of celebs, Chris has a few famous faces he's dying to see on Bachelor. "I would love for some of my favorite athletes to come in and do it, to hang out with George Clooney or whoever," he admits.

George Clooney as The Bachelor? Sorry, Sean Lowe, but that’s an idea we can get on board with!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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09.12.2012 / 02:57 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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