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Dance Moms Season 2 Finale Recap: “I’m Drowning in an Ocean of Abby”

This is it, tiny dancers! The finale of Dance Moms Season 2 is finally here, and even though we thought the sophomore season would never end, we will miss Abby Lee and the Moms. In fact, we might even miss Jill’s Screams.

On the finale, the team is going to an invite-only National Dance Championship hosted by Energy Dance in Beverly Hills. On the Pyramid of Doom, Paige is on the bottom because of her injury; Nia is there because she didn’t place last week (Season 2, Episode 25); Chloe because she came in 6th; and Kendall because she finally got her solo and she did decently.

In the middle are Brooke (“You’re lazy!” says Abby) and Mackenzie, and Maddie is at the top of the pyramid.

There will be a group routine called “My Last Text,” and “it’s really weird and scary,” according to Chloe. Mackenzie, Maddie, and Brooke will get solos. Nia, Kendall, and Chloe will all learn the same exact routine to determine who will get the fourth solo spot.

All of a sudden, the girls come complaining to the Moms about the group number, because the music is “creepy,” and they warn their moms (and America!!) never to text and drive. In case you didn’t already learn that lesson from Glee.

Chloe is under pressure not only from Abby and the competition for the fourth solo spot, Paige doesn’t have any moves, and Abby tells Brooke that it’s her face, not her dancing. Kelly storms out and cries in an alleyway with the other Moms. “If Kelly leaves, I’m drowning in an ocean of Abby,” says Christi. Bless you and your big mouth, Christi!

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Paige gets to do a super-fun photo shoot, where she plays a 40s glam girl, and it’s an actual modeling gig that pays. Good for Paige. But Kelly doesn’t show up to rehearsal the next day, and the other Moms are worried. It turns out that Kelly did something mature for a change, and talked to her girls OFF-CAMERA, to find out if they really wanted to stay on Abby’s team, and it turns out they do.

The solo competition is left up to the Moms to decide, sort of, and Jill erupts into some mild Screams, causing Kendall to erupt into some serious red-faced tears, which is sad until she says that Chloe didn’t deserve the solo. She should stop listening to her mom so much.

Chloe is the next tiny dancer to break out in tears, mid-rehearsal. Christi gives her an excellent little speech, but Abby blames it all on Christi.

The Candy Apples and Cathy saunter in, and start chanting, “Clean Chloe’s clock!” Justice, the red-headed dancer who is a boy (!!) is being built up to be the stah this evening, but apparently Justice’s red-headed mom called Abby behind Cathy’s back, to possibly studio-hop. Cathy forgets that she’s mic’d, and cries down the street. So many tears tonight!

Finally, we’re at Nationals, and Abby gives one of her demanding speeches. Maddie is up first, and she has to do some “psyching out with Justice,” whatever that means. As expected, Maddie is flawless, and the expression on her face is beautiful. She looks weightless, and hits every single move. A true dancer.

Brooke does her standard neck dances, but there’s something much more graceful and elegant about this dance. Perhaps because she is playing Anne Frank. We never knew Anne Frank could dance on her neck, but Dance Moms is nothing if not educational.

Mackenzie does the famous Vivi-Anne “bee dance” from Season 1. Vivi-Anne is Cathy’s daughter, who is often only used as a prop by the Candy Apples, and the performance became infamous because it was, well, terrible. But Mackenzie proves it was never the choreography that was flawed. Adorable!

Chloe is up, and the pressure is high. We’ve always thought that Chloe could be a prima ballerina one day, and she proved it once again. How cute are the girls when they hug each other in the wings after dancing? We’ll miss that.

The group number is next, and the girls get ready to teach everyone at the competition (and AMERICA!!) not to text while driving. If you do, a tiny dancer might go dancing out the window. But even Cathy had to admit that the piece was beautiful. “Nobody knew whether to clap, or cry, or what to do,” says Abby.

Prizes! The 1st place junior petite solo goes to Mackenzie! She wins the title and gets a banner, a crown, and a trophy. The teen solo awards are next, and Brooke wins 1st place! The national title is hers. Next are the junior solo awards, which Maddie, Justice, and Chloe are all up for. 3rd place goes to Justice, 2nd place goes to Maddie (!!), and Chloe wins 1st place!

Our hearts, and Abby’s smirk, rise sky-high. Chloe is a national title winner.

All that’s left is the group number. The Abby Lee Dance Company wins 1st place! What a perfect ending to a perfect show about very imperfect people.

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