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Teen Mom

Does Facebook Messaging an Old Girlfriend Count as Cheating?

It's been more than six months since Kyle King and Maci Bookout broke up, and we've finally learned what went wrong in their relationship! Turns out, Kyle cheated on Maci, plain and simple. Well, kinda …

Here's what went down: Maci came home to find Kyle's Facebook page open, with evidence that he'd been messaging girls that he used to sleep with. Maci freaked out, packed her bags, and left without saying another word — despite the fact that Kyle didn't physically kiss or have sex with someone else.

It's definitely 50 shades of shady that Kyle was chatting with his old girlfriends, but does this really count as cheating? Sure, none of us ladies would be happy to find out our boyfriends were cyber-flirting, but maybe Maci overreacted just slightly.

Was it fair for Maci to accuse Kyle of cheating when he never crossed the line, or does his flirty-flirty on Facebook count as the ultimate betrayal?

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09.12.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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