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The Bachelorette

Rachel Truehart on Bachelor Pad 3: “It Really Messed With Me” — Exclusive

They became besties while filming Season 16 of The Bachelor and, once shooting wrapped, Rachel Truehart and Jaclyn Swartz hung out all the time in their NYC hometown. But in early June, both were picked to join the cast of Bachelor Pad — an environment known not just for its steamy hookups, but its vicious catfights as well.

Sure enough, press materials released by ABC during BP’s filming made it sound like the show might just put Rachel and Jaclyn’s friendship in jeopardy. And at the time, our own sources were telling us the same thing. Back in July, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Rachel at the premiere party for the show (which just aired its finale on September 10, 2012), where she shared all she could about the unexpected impact the show had on their relationship.

Reading between the lines, it's obvious Rachel was still smarting from her fling with Michael Stagliano at the time of this interview — and also still feeling the burn from choosing Chris and Sarah over BFFs Jaclyn and Ed.

What was it like for you when Jaclyn showed up at the house that first night?
We were so excited to see each other. If anyone was going to walk through that door, I wanted it to be her. I was nothing but happy to see her. It meant I’d have a close friend there.

When the cast was announced, the press material said Jaclyn thinks you “want to be just like her” and often gets annoyed with you. Going into the show, did you expect to be pitted against each other?
We were away, so we never saw any of that. It was news to me. We have never said anything mean about each other — we’ve always been really good friends.

Credit: ABC    

Did the show test that friendship?
Of course. I mean, any time you live with someone, it’s going to test things. But I think we have a strong bond and we were able to grow from it. I cooked meals with her and we made drinks and hung out all the time.

But in terms of you and Jaclyn, will we be surprised by some of the things we see?
There’s a lot that people are going to see that surprise everybody. There’s no sure thing when it comes to Bachelor Pad. I was shocked to see some of the things I saw and go through some of the things I went through. There was a lot I didn’t see coming…

Can you give us a hint?
I’ll say this: just when you think you have everything figured out, everything falls apart. It made it really hard to maintain alliances. Relationships were tested. There was so much happening on an emotional level. I’m not going to lie, it really messed with me. Jaclyn and I tried our hardest to stay strong together, you’ll see how it all works out.

As far as men go, did you go into the show single?
I did, I went in 110-percent single.

How did you come out?
(Laughs) You’ll have to tune in to find out!

And... now we know: Nick Peterson won it all.