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Revenge Season 2: Juicy Relationships Spoiler Roundup!

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer that’s Emily Thorne’s motto. And on Revenge Season 2 there will be plenty of new love interests and enemies hopping into bed together.

Check out our roundup to see who will be the Hamptons’ hottest couple this season!

Emily Thorne

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After breaking off her engagement to Daniel Grayson and failing to share her true feelings with Jack Porter (in Season 1), Ems is turning to an entirely new suitor to warm her bed this season. Aiden Mathis (played by British actor Barry Sloane) is a mystery man from Emily’s revenge school days with Satoshi Takeda.

He’s been described as her first real “adult” relationship, though he was once a “very angry” kid dealing with plenty of issues. Originally Emily was also set to find romance with Conrad Grayson’s son from a previous marriage (aka Danny’s half brother), but show creator Mike Kelley has tabled this newbie for now in order to explore Aiden and Emily’s relationship.

Daniel Grayson

Credit: STILL    

This season, Daniel’s back to his bad boy ways in the aftermath of his broken engagement to Emily. And who better to leach onto that vulnerability than ladder climber Ashley Davenport?

“He’s using [Ashley] just as much as she’s using him,” actor Josh Bowman told TVLine. “His body might be [with her] at times, but mentally he’s in a different realm.”

Nolan Ross

Credit: ABC    

The spoiler world has been abuzz with news of Nolan’s latest Season 2 love interest. After declaring his bisexuality and hooking up with psycho Tyler Barrol in Season 1, the tech genius will be looking to a lady for love this season. Padma (played by Greek actress Dilshad Vadsaria) is “a gorgeous, fiercely intelligent, pop culture savvy financial whiz who brings her own spin to her job at Nolan’s company.”

Though her role has been quite sugary thus far, actor Gabriel Mann isn’t buying it. “[Dilshad] brings the sweet so genuinely that I know they’re about to flip her and Padma’s about to go pitch black,” he admitted.

Victoria Grayson

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Though we’re still supposed to buy the fact that Victoria might not be coming back, her appearance in the show’s latest promo clip pretty much clarifies that we’ll definitely be seeing the Hamptons queen on screen this fall.

According to TV Guide, Victoria could be courting a handsome doctor in his late 30s who is the founder of a recovery center. There are also plenty of sexy, older newcomers this season including wealthy, self-assured Hamptons resident Kenny (played by JR Bourne), who could sweep Victoria off her stilettos.

In terms of her past loves, phony artist Dominik Wright will be tied up with his new Fox show, The Following. Actor James Purefoy will be playing a serial killer on this suspenseful drama, which probably won’t leave him a ton of time to frolic with Vicky.

Charlotte Grayson

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When we last left Charlotte she’d alienated her former boyfriend, Declan Porter, traded sexual favors for pain pills with her ex Adam Connor, and downed a bottle of pills in the wake of her mother’s supposed death. Phew!

We have a feeling that romance will be the last thing on Charlotte’s mind this season as she continues to struggle with her addiction. But could she get back together with Declan?

“[Declan] thinks he’s done her a great wrong and he wants to make it right,” actor Connor Paolo told Access Hollywood. “But right now she’s not available to him.”

Jack Porter

Credit: ABC    

This season Jack’s going to be pretty preoccupied prepping for his demon baby with Fauxmanda. The couple is expecting a baby boy, but we won’t be convinced that Jack’s the father until we see a paternity test (and even those are faulty sometimes).

Conrad Grayson

Credit: ABC    

This season we’re supposed to be learning more about Conrad’s previous family (who he ditched for Victoria). And though show creator Mike Kelley has decided to put his first son on the back burner for now, Conrad could still be getting a visit from his ex-wife. Conny’s ex-mistress Lydia Davis is definitely dead post-plane explosion, which opens up his date night plans.

Actor Henry Czerny has teased a potential new love interest for Season 2, but there’s no official word yet on who that will be. Conrad will be threatened professionally by Helen (played by Wendy Crewson) and we know he likes to mix business and pleasure so there could be some sparks there.

Which new relationship are you most excited for this season? Tell us below!

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