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Ryan Edwards on Dalis and Maci’s Budding Friendship: “I Don’t Know Why They Need to Hang Out”

We only got a few fleeting glimpses of Ryan Edward's adorable girlfriend, Dalis Connell, during Teen Mom's final season — but she brought the drama during the reunion! Ryan and Dalis accused Maci of coming in between their relationship, but luckily, the three musketeers were able to clear the air during their therapeutic hang sesh with Dr. Drew, aka Opera's piece on the side.

"I really don't think you wanna go there, because then I'm gonna tell you something you really don't want to hear," Maci told Dalis when she brought up their dramatic beach vacation. "I was at dinner with my girlfriends, Ryan called me, said him and Dalis were fighting, and that he wanted to come to my room, and hang out with us and go out with us. The next day, apparently, he told her that I had texted him saying that It'd be better if his girlfriend wasn't here. And never told her what he had done."

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Dalis responded by accusing Maci of flirting with Ryan behind her back, but don't worry you guys — these two just want to be friends. In fact, Maci and Dalis even arranged to have a hang session over coffee, and Maci was more than complimentary about Dalis's role as a surrogate mother to Bentley.

"I just feel like if I can't be there, there needs to be the next best thing," Maci said. "If I can't be there to comfort him and do things, I want someone who's just as good, and I do feel that she can do that."

So, where was Ryan during this sista-friend bond-a-thon? Oh, you know, just hanging out in his old timey vest, looking incredibly awkward.

"I don't see why they need to [be friends]," he complained to no one in particular. "I don't understand why they need to hang out. I don't even want to hang out with her, I don't know why they need to hang out."

Everyone wants to hang out with Maci, Ryan. Get used to it.

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