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The Voice

The Voice Season 3 Episode 2: New Blind Auditions Feature a Justin Bieber Look-Alike and a Spanish Performance!

And just like that, we’re back! With this second dose of blind auditions, we got a whole new batch of hopefuls, and a whole new level of talent. From a “Music Man” to a Mariachi band, The Voice continued to deliver the dramatic stories and real singers that we’ve missed all summer. So let’s get down to it!

Adriana Louise

Working as a waitress in Brooklyn, Adriana used music to get her through a truly traumatic childhood experience. Singing Jessie J’s "Domino," the pretty songstress had a fresh and funky vibe that immediately caught the attention of all four judges, giving us our second four button press of the season!

Earning a standing ovation from the entire studio, Adriana had judge Adam Levine literally begging her to choose him and Cee Lo Green already picking out wedding invitations. In the end, it was judge Christina Aguilera who got the girl, prompting the coach to break out into a booty-popping victory dance to celebrate.

Casey Muessigmann

If Casey’s last name (pronounced “Music Man”) was any indication, then he’s made for this show. The former wrestler rediscovered his passion for music when he was sidelined with an injury and hoped to live up to his melodious moniker on stage tonight. Taking on the country classic “Sweet Home Alabama,” Casey barely walked two steps in his cowboy boots before fellow judge Blake Shelton turned his chair in appreciation, followed closely by Cee Lo.

Though his rich and durable tone was impressive, it was Casey’s on stage choreography, or as Blake put it, his “ass spanking” that really sealed the deal. With such a compliment from the country superstar, it was no surprise that Casey chose fellow music man Blake to be his coach.


Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Next up was 24-year-old Aquile, a native of Wyoming who now makes his living by playing music in San Diego. Growing up biracial, the California cutie dealt with plenty of adversity through his life, and even managed to do singing gigs with his mouth wired shut after his jaw was broken (Kanye flashbacks anyone?).

Aquile came to the stage with a beautiful smile and an even more beautiful voice. Singing Elton John’s “Your Song,” his “buttery” vocal quality was on full display, giving the classic rock tune a sweet R&B style. The judges (and audience) were obviously charmed, with all but Blake pressing their buttons, and Christina even asking for a “private concert.” Down, Christina. The heavy flirting seemed to have worked though, because Aquile went with the “Dirrty” diva, who snagged her second pick of the evening.

Ryan Fogarty

As tour manager for LeAnn Rimes, Ryan Fogarty has had his share of sold out stages and screaming fans. But with this audition, Ryan was hoping to turn some of that attention towards him. Singing “Tomorrow” by Chris Young, Ryan came on stage ready to rock it, but even an endorsement by Ms. Rimes couldn’t swing the judges. Even though Ryan didn’t make the cut, he still managed to leave with a smile on his face, a rare feat for the reality show competition set.

Mackenzie Bourg

Talk about your comebacks! 19-year-old Mackenzie went from congestive heart failure to The Voice stage in a matter of months. After nearly dying from a life threatening virus, Mackenzie used the experience as motivation to go chase his dreams of becoming a singer.

Though using a guitar on stage has been met with mixed results in the past, the boyishly handsome singer made it work, adding a folksy kick to Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” His adorable stage presence, dubbed “Harry Potter meets Justin Bieber” by judge Adam Levine, got a nod from Cee Lo Green and a chance to prove that he was in fact the “magical pop star” mix that the show’s been searching for.

Julio Cesar Castillo

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

The final artist of the night was a Voice first. A mariachi singer since he was six years old (with an adorable home video to prove it), Julio told America his story in a mix of Spanish and English. Hoping to honor his Hispanic roots, Julio made the bold choice of singing Ritchie Valens’s “La Bamba,” prompting an immediate chair turn from Blake Shelton and then another from Cee Lo Green. And even though the Lady Killer tried to tell Julio that he specialized in “different,” it was Blake who got the mariachi man, despite his questionable “high school banner” metaphor.

Stay with us kids, because the marathon season premiere of The Voice continues tomorrow! What did you think of tonight’s performances? Better than last night’s? Sound off in the comments below!

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