5 Reasons Rachel Truehart Should Be The Next Bachelorette
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The Bachelorette

5 Reasons Rachel Truehart Should Be The Next Bachelorette

Rachel Truehart is a be-banged beauty with legs that won't quit, and we're determined to see her as ABC next Bachelorette. She's fun, spunky, understands the dangers of a wet bikini, and hasn't let Ed Swiderski pickle her. In other words, she's unspoiled goods!

Check out five reasons we think Miss Truehart would make a stellar Bachelorette!

1. She's Unlucky In Love
You guys, Rachel fell in love with Michael Stagliano in nine days flat. If that doesn't scream "Future Bachelorette" we don't know what does. Clearly, Rachel is living in an alternate space/time continuum where a week is a reasonable amount of time to get to know someone, and there's no way she won't fall hard for one of Chris Harrison's temptressers. Let's just hope The Stag's friends Thumper and Flower don't show up, because awkward!

2. She Deserves To Make The Big Bucks
Thanks to her tender heart and generous nature, Rachel was stiffed out of $125k. This is after sacrificing her body to Ben Flajnik's sexy wine fetishes on Bachelor, and after subjecting herself to public humiliation while singing "Sister Christian" on Bachelor Pad. Basically, ABC owes her big time, and The Bachelorette is the best gift they can give. We suggest that Rachel borrow Emily Maynard's cleopatra clip-in, smack on some Tang-toned body glitter, and head to Chris Harrison's "office" (read: pimp pad) to demand upwards of 250k.

3. She's a Truehart-ed Romantic
There's no doubt in our minds that Rachel's feelings for Michael were the real deal. This poor girl seemed genuinly smitten by The Stag, and she was even willing to quit Bachelor Pad in the name of love. Some naive plebeians claim that Bachelor Pad is scripted, but take a look at Rachel's mascara stained cheeks, y'all. Girlfriend's "hart" is true. See what we did there? Puns!

5 Reasons Rachel Truehart Should Be The Next Bachelorette
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4. She's G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!
Rachel is absolutely stunning — from her bangin' bangs, to her festive nose piercing, to her perfect body! The hotties on Bachelorette won't be able to resist her devastating good looks. In fact, we're pretty sure that Travis the Egg Man will make his way back into Chris Harrison's love shack with a brand new egg named "Shelley 2.0," only to smash it as a sacrificial declaration of his love. Come back to us, Trav. We miss you so hard!

5. She Loves Herself A Makeout Session
Remember when Michael Stagliano took Donna, Lindzi and Rachel on a menage a quatro that resulted in Donna drawing a photo-realistic sketch of Michael's face (subsequently landing her on America's Most Wanted)? The only part of that fated night that didn't end in dry-humping and vomit was Rachel and Michael's tender kiss on the dance floor. Rachel is a fabulous smoocher, and we'll be in for steamy make-out sessions galore if she's Bachelorette!

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