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Bones Season 8 Spoilers: Why Is Brennan Starting to “Resent” Booth?

Have you guys picked out your outfits yet for Monday’s Bones Season 8 premiere? We plan on wearing an extremely unflattering trench coat paired with Baby Christine-inspired angel wings.

Obviously, we're on the edge of our seats (read: bean bag chairs) in anticipation over Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan's (Emily Deschanel) long-awaited reunion, but don't get too swoony. Things are about to get real up in their love shack.

Booth is beyond thrilled to find his baby mama safe and sound, but manmotions are stirring. "I think the initial reaction is relief and gratitude that [Brennan and Baby Christine] are fine," Stephen Nathan tells TV Guide. "The second episode is where [Booth] realizes he resents this person, that he's angry at her.

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What? Booth angry at Brennan?! Where are our pearls, we need to clutch them! Oh, and by the way — Brennan is equally upset with Booth. "Brennan has lived her entire life quite independently," Stephen continues. "She's realizing for the first time that she's terribly interconnected with Booth... and this kind of shakes the foundation of who she feels she's been all these years. [She may] resent the fact that she gave herself over to another person."

Maybe Brennan should have thought of that before birthing the savior of mankind in a manger. These two better work things out, stat!

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