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Glee Season 4: [Spoiler] Will Be Breaking Up In The First Episode!

We’ve been hearing all kinds of breakup rumors for Glee’s upcoming Season 4, and we haven’t liked it one bit. Well, we now know that one of these break-ups will actually happen within the first episode and it’s between the show’s most stable couple! Gasp. Is nothing sacred?

We’d heard that Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) will be meaner than usual in this new season, but now Jenna is telling TV Line that she’ll be even icier than we could have possibly imagined.

In fact, she’ll even go as far as to end things with longtime boyfriend Mike (Harry Shum Jr.), who is off studying ballet in Chicago. “People are really going to hate me,” Jenna predicts. “But it’s hard with long distance [relationships].” Poor Mike! How can Tina do this to us him?

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We really can’t fathom a Glee without Tike, so this is extremely difficult news. Sure, we knew that Mike might be facing “temptation” from other girls in Chicago, but it really sounded like Tina and Mike would make the long-distance thing work. So this basically ruined our whole day! Thanks a lot, Tina.

Plus, it doesn’t sound like a quick reconciliation is in the cards, as the two might not even speak to each other until Episode 5 — and even that will be tough for them. “It’ll be a truthful and honest [depiction of] what people go through in a break-up,” according to Jenna.

On top of that, it's already been confirmed that not one, but TWO other couples will be biting the dust this season, as well. Who knew that we’d be in tears before the season even started?

Source: TV Line

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09.13.2012 / 01:29 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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