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Glee’s Dean Geyer: Don’t Automatically Assume That Rachel and Brody Will Hook Up!

If you’re a Finchel fan who is currently freaking out about at the thought of Brody (Dean Geyer) coming between Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) on Glee — take heart. There’s a possibility that Brody and Rachel might not be getting it on, after all.

Dean Geyer recently spoke to Teen Vogue, and the 26-year-old Aussie said there’s still a chance that Rachel won’t actually fall for Brody’s seductive ways.

“You never know if she's going to reciprocate the feelings or things are going to change,” Dean says. “It's not a hundred percent that it's going to become Brochel, as people have been calling it!” Interesting! Then again, maybe Dean is just trying to delay the hate mail from Finchel fans for as long as possible?

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But what isn’t in question is the fact that Brody will instantly take a shine to Rachel. “In the first couple of episodes, he takes a liking to Rachel,” Dean says. “At the moment, he's definitely stepping over the line and coming between [Finchel], but we know that on Glee, anything can happen.” Sounds like Finn still has a shot!

That said, Dean also told E! Online that he thinks Brody is actually a perfect match for Rachel. “I think they fit really well," he says. "But as the episodes go on I feel like Brody is…I feel like he is really right for her.” Hold on a second there, bud! We’ll be the judge of who is right for her, thank you very much.

And ironically, Dean says that the character he most relates to is — wait for it! — Finn. Crazy, right?! He says he’s similar to Finn because he “played every sport that you could” in high school, but “at the same time, I was finding my feet musically.”

So Dean relates to Finn, but his character wants to steal Finn’s girl? Not cool, man. So not cool.

Source: Teen Vogue, E! Online

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