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Dancing With The Stars

Mark Ballas: Tristan Would Be the Best DWTS Partner for Bristol

It’s kind of surprising that Dancing With the Stars Season 15 All-Stars didn't pair Bristol Palin with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. You know the show loves drama, and the rubbernecking factor of the sensitive, low-scoring GOP girl with The Bad Boy of the Ballroom would be huge. But that didn't happen. Bristol got what she wanted — her Season 11 partner, Mark Ballas.

But what if that hadn't happened, either? Mark and Bristol talked to Access Hollywood in a series of videos and Bristol was asked who her ideal partner would be, if she couldn't have Mark.

Bristol responded that she doesn't have a second choice pro. "I would've had to reconsider [being on the show]," Bristol laughed.

Mark jumped in to say, "If I had to pick someone for you, I would've gone with Tristan [MacManus]."

Why Tristan, other than his massive Irish hotness (and their bromantic history together)?

"He's very patient and very comforting and very — just a gentleman,” Mark explained. “With Bristol, she's not an entertainer. That's what we found out last time — you have to have a lot of patience and get through it together rather than [being like] ‘Do it now! Do it now!’ You can't be like that. So if she had gotten another partner, I feel like Tristan or maybe Louis van Amstel] would be the most suitable."

Hmm. That “Do it now!” sounds pretty familiar. On that note, the worst pairing for Bristol would've been...

"Maks," Mark said immediately.

"I would've been so scared, yeah," Bristol said, laughing.

"It would've been great TV, though," Mark said, laughing.

Yes! That's why we're surprised they didn’t go for it. But good for The Powers That Be for putting comfort before drama/ratings. Besides, Maks and his All-Stars partner Kirstie Alley complement each other beautifully.

Everyone has their perfect dance match, and things turned out OK. That said, Bristol would’ve been in great hands with Tristan — and that would’ve allowed Mark to be re-paired with his Season 5 partner, Sabrina Bryan. We wouldn’t have complained about that setup at all.

For more from Mark and Bristol, watch the whole video below.

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