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The Bachelorette

Nick Peterson Planned on Sharing Bachelor Pad 3 Money With Rachel Truehart — Until He Heard What She Said About Him

If you can believe it, Nick Peterson and Rachel Truehart are not currently on speaking terms.

Nick talked to reporters in a post-Bachelor Pad 3 domination conference call and said he’d like to patch things up with Rachel, but things need to settle down first. Feelings are still pretty raw, due mostly to Nick choosing to keep the $250,000 jackpot — and then promptly lecturing Rachel about how she never wanted to be his partner.

However, Nick explained that it’s not what he was planning to do — and, in fact, he didn’t quite take emotion of the game, his insulted feelings are what led to Rachel losing everything. So when he told Rachel he was going to pick “share,” it wasn’t always a lie.

“Well, I honestly was going into it planning on sharing,” Nick explains (via Reality TV World). “My intentions were to share. We talked about it leading up to the finale, and then I saw the next two episodes before we filmed the finale. So, we got to see them and I saw everything she said about me. She didn't want to be my partner. She said she was backed into the partnership and she just wanted to be with Michael [Stagliano]. She tried to get us voted off just so she could go see Michael. And you know, I was just like, ‘What?’ I had no idea any of that was going on. I was completely invested in it and she wanted nothing to do with me. So I was like, ‘You know what? I've already done all this myself; I'm going to finish it myself. I don't owe her anything.’ She didn't want to be my partner, and then all of a sudden at the end, ‘Oh, now we need to be partners because money's involved.’"

Credit: ABC via Wenn    

Nick was further asked how sure he was that Rachel was going to pick “share.” If they had both chosen “share,” they’d split the money. But if they had both chosen “keep,” the money would go to the other castmates and they’d get nothing.

“It's very risky,” Nick says, “but we had talked about it. We met before the finale, like I said, because we had about a month in between filming. So we talked about it and agreed upon it, and you know, I thought, ‘We'll definitely share this. There's no reason not to.’ And then, like I said, in the last second, I get to see these episodes. And I was like, ‘Wow, really? I can't believe you said all those things. You really didn't want to be my partner.’ So, yeah, I was pretty sure [she'd choose ‘share’] but I wasn't 100% percent going into that [room] that she's pick it.”

Do you think it’s fair for Nick to backtrack based on a couple of episodes? It’s not like Rachel hated him, she had just fallen for a guy who, it turns out, didn’t reciprocate her feelings. Why would she want to be Nick’s partner when neither of them had any prior connection? It’s true that he didn’t owe her anything, but it’s also true that she didn’t owe him anything either. As she noted in her own interview, it's not like he ever said anything nice about her. He never wanted to be paired with her either. She just took the gentler approach of sharing the money anyway. The only reason she "betrayed" her best friend Jaclyn is because she was supporting her partner, Nick. He wore her down after a long time. So it's not really fair to say she was never a supportive partner. It was his decision to take Chris and Sarah to the end — and Rachel stuck by him.

Maybe the biggest take-away from the BP3 finale is the question of what will happen next year, if there’s a BP4. The last frontier is for the whole cast to split the money, when both finalists pick “keep.” Do you think that’s what would happen? How can you trust that your partner won’t also pull a Nick?

Source: Reality TV World