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The Bachelorette

Rachel Truehart Takes The High Road After Bachelor Pad Betrayals: “Dust Yourself Off and Move On” – Exclusive!

Safe to say, the Bachelor Pad 3 finale was no picnic for Rachel Truehart. Not only did Michael Stagliano — the guy she trusted with her heart — admit he didn’t share her feelings, but Nick Peterson — the guy she trusted to help her take home $125,000 — coldly voted to keep all of the $250,000 prize money for himself. Rough night? Understatement of the year.

The good news: scorned women across the world are now all Team Truehart. (No, seriously, hashtag it!) Not only that, but her name is now being bandied about as a very strong candidate to be the next Bachelorette. After everything she’s been through, we think the blonde, edgy babe from NYC deserves a shot at true love, not to mention the sweet paycheck that comes with the gig.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Rachel opens up about the one-two punch from the finale — and whether she’d actually consider trying to find love on TV again.

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How did you find out that Michael had a girl back home?
He didn’t have a girl ‘back home’ – he had a girl in Chicago! Finding this out actually happened in two parts. First, we had a long talk on the phone about two weeks after I got back from filming, during which he was clear about not wanting to have a long distance relationship and didn’t see us being anything more than friends.
I was obviously very upset. We were just on totally different pages and I felt like he was acting very cold towards me. Then, the next morning I get a text message from him while I was at work telling me that he had starting dating a girl he met a few weeks ago and that she ‘knocked him off his feet.’ This of course knocked me off mine! The wording was rather unnecessary and the fact he chose to text this to me the next morning instead of telling me over the phone took me by surprise as well. I was shocked. He had been dating her almost the entire time I had been home and he waited that long to tell me.

Do you think he had been seeing her before everyone left for filming?
He promised me they had not been seeing each other prior to him coming on the show, which I do believe. But a few nights later during a group dinner with Jaclyn, a mutual friend told me they were in a long distance relationship. Jaclyn and I, our jaws dropped to the floor. I confronted him about it and he said it was true and he apologized for not telling me. Knowing it was long distance really just poured salt in the wound. But I in no way think he was seeing her before the show. Michael isn’t that kind of guy so I do believe him on that.

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Have talked to Nick since taping of the finale?
We have not spoken. I tried to reach out to him the next day and he didn’t respond. I haven’t tried again since. I honestly don’t have much to say to him right now, there’s just no point.

Would you consider being the next Bachelorette?
Of course! But I think it depends on where I am in my life at that point. It’s a lot to put yourself through emotionally, but it can obviously be worth it in the end! Bachelor Pad definitely took a toll on me – but you have to be able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on.

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Nick's speech about no one being on his team sounded a lot like a wounded ego lashing out. Do you think his decision to keep the money was rooted in vindictive emotion or just pure strategy?
I think his decision was PURELY greed. He wanted to make a splash and knew that was the best way. The fact that he won’t just own up to that and is trying to make it sound like people treated him poorly, to me, is pathetic. It’s funny to me people actually buy that.
He says I didn’t want to be his partner, but did anyone see him say anything nice about me ever? We were forced together and I thought we made the best of it and had become friends and were able to trust each other. The fact is, I thanked him many times for helping me to get my head back in the game and apologized to him for thinking about leaving several times. But what matters is that I didn’t leave. I stayed because I knew if I left, he would have lost his chance at the money as well and I didn’t want to take that chance away from either of us. Unfortunately, he had no problem taking it away from me. We talked about sharing the money from day one right up until the finale. I think he just got greedy.

Other than Jaclyn, who are you closest to from BP3?
Honestly, I am friends with everyone from our season, we had a great group. The people I probably speak to most besides Jaclyn are Ed, Chris, Donna and Jamie.

Were you shocked by Tony's proposal or did you know they were that serious?
I knew they were very serious and I knew they were moving in together. I am so happy for them both. I grew close with both of them and wish them all the best. I can’t wait to go to their wedding! It’s funny because we always joked about having a Bachelor Pad wedding while we were filming so it’s so fun that it’s really happening now!