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Dancing With The Stars

Sabrina Bryan: DWTS All-Stars and Working With Louis van Amstel Is “Totally Different” Than Her First Season

It's been 10 seasons, but we're still not over Sabrina Bryan's shocking Dancing With the Stars Season 5 elimination. We were thrilled that the Cheetah Girl was voted into Season 15 All-Stars as the viewer's choice, and we're excited to see what she and her new pro partner, Louis van Amstel, will bring to the table.

We recently had a chance to chat with Sabrina and Louis at the In Touch Weekly Icons & Idols party, and they weighed in on the pressures of the All-Stars season, and whether or not they're worried about another early elimination.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s it like to be viewer’s choice?

Sabrina Bryan: Oh, my gosh. It’s like a mix of emotions. It’s so exciting. The viewers really stuck behind me and got a ton of votes in, which is amazing. But it puts an extra amount of pressure for us to come out and not disappoint them so I kind of already had like mini breakdowns during rehearsal. Just like, aah, it’s a lot of pressure! But I think as entertainers you kind of thrive on that added pressure. You just want to do your best. Hopefully I’ll work through it and I’ll come out and do pretty well the first week.

Louis van Amstel: Can you imagine the death threats I will get if I don’t live up to the expectations, because everybody voted her back? It’s a lot of pressure but I’ll take it because she’s a dream partner in every sense.

Do you fear what might happen if you are voted off prematurely again?

Sabrina: Um. Honestly, the All-Star season, it’s like tough competition and finishing at the same place would be a different situation. I want to take each week week by week and enjoy it, live in the moment and do the best we can. I had to fight to even get on this show so I’m not letting that fight down. I’m wanting to fight ‘til the end. I’m really excited and honored to have this opportunity.

What’s it like dancing with Louis versus Mark [Ballas, her Season 5 partner]?
Sabrina: It’s totally different. At that time, it was five years ago so if you can imagine five years in anyone’s life how different you are back then. I think with Louis, both of us are so appreciative of this opportunity because there was a chance we weren’t going to be on this show and him and I— the similarity is this — Mark and I were freaking out, it was his first season. Instead of freaking out, [Louis and I] are so excited. I’m glad I have the Cha Cha instead of the Foxtrot [as my first dance] because I would be in frame just shaking with so much energy.

So Cha Cha is your first dance?
Louis: Cha cha. We’re so happy with that dance. This is the weird part — we’re very serious about what we do but we’re having so much fun doing it so I hope America’s going to see that, so we’re not the ones who are so serious. We go into dance technique and all that and we’re still laughing. It’s really fun.

Sabrina: It’s going to be a really fun season because our chemistry is so much fun. We look at each other, whoo, yeah! Let’s do it again! [Laughs]

Tell us more about how rehearsals have gone.
Sabrina: It’s pretty funny because everyone kind of just got their music and all the pros are saying it’s a lot different than other seasons for them.

Louis: The thing is, all the celebrities have done the show before. Normally we take five, six days for them to get a feel for it. Everybody knows it already so we’re waiting for our music and hanging out in the kitchen with everybody and talking and reminiscing but next week, once we all have our music, that’s when the competition will kick in. We’re all in very good spirits, though.

Sabrina: With the show, once you’re on it, you watch the show and become fans of the people who are on it. So I hung out with Gilles Marini] during his season, and Cheryl Burke, but now it’s crazy to know I’m going to compete against him. Yet it’s so fun to hang out. I keep seeing Shawn Johnson in the morning. I’m like, “how you feeling?” She’s like, “my calves!” I’m like, “my back!” We’re all comparing the soreness of not dancing for so long.

What are you bringing to the table this time around?
Sabrina: I think this season isn’t going to be just about the popular vote. I think it’s really going to come down to the dances this season. There’s a lot of dancers. There’s a lot of talent that’s going to be out on that dance floor so I really want to focus on all the technical things — the twerks, the turning, try to get that down as much as I can so that by the time it’s show time, the lights come on, they yell action, we are just full force having a good time. I have a lot of focus this time but I know what it’s like to leave super early. I know what it is to enjoy every moment. Everyone else has pretty much been through the entire competition. I know what it’s like for that red light to hit you, for you to be gone and the season’s over.

Dancing With the Stars Season 15: All-Stars will premiere on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out the full All-Stars cast list here.

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