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The Voice

The Voice Season 3 Blind Auditions Round 3: Blake Shelton Moonwalks and a Mother/Daughter Duo Impresses

What’s that you say? You want another night of The Voice this week? Well, ask and you shall receive, because that’s exactly what NBC gave us all too eager Voice-ophiles. The third and final night of the week proved to be the best yet, with more than a few surprises to go around.

Here’s what happened in tonight’s episode.

Samuel Mouton

Colorado native Samuel Mouton had been surrounded by music all his life and hoped to follow in the footsteps of his musical family. Among the things passed down to the pizza pie maker was a love of reggae and a penchant for Bob Marley.

Though he looked like a scruffy "white kid with a baseball cap on," as coach Christina Aguilera put it, the raspy-voiced Samuel not only did his idol’s "Redemption Song" justice, but even put his own funky spin on it. Coaches Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Christina battled it out, with the ‘Stripped’ songstress even wanting to know his "turn ons," in one of her many salacious comments. But in the end, Christina's sultry side glances couldn’t seal the deal, and Samuel went with Team Adam.

Chris Trousdale

The next singer was reminiscent of a slicker Tony Lucca, of Season 2 fame. Trade in the Mickey Mouse ears for frosted tips, and you've got Chris Trousdale. Formerly of the millennial band Dream Street (where Jesse McCartney got his start), Chris had fallen from former boy band grace since the group broke up years ago.

Considering he chose to sing The Wanted's "Glad You Came," it seemed like he was hoping to capitalize on the resurgence of the boy band craze. Even though Chris was clearly not lacking stage presence, his singing skills left something to be desired, and didn’t get a button press from any judges. Post-audition, coach Blake Shelton indulged in a little dance off with the former teeny bopper, but alas, Chris ended up moonwalking off the stage empty handed.

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Nelly’s Echo

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Nelly’s Echo was forced to leave his father behind and flee to the United States to seek political asylum with nothing but two suitcases to his name. Née Nelson, the Baltimore resident based his stage name on the audience’s own reaction or “echo” to his voice and chased his American Dream up on The Voice stage tonight. Capturing the soulful vibe of Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine,” Nelly infused the classic with take a new reggae edge and got coaches Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine to turn their chairs. Both raved about Nelly already “being ready for [a] concert,” but after a little back and forth, it was Christina who he chose to get him there.

Allison Steel & Crystal Steel (2Steel Girls)

Our first group audition of the show, mother and daughter duo Allison and Crystal, known as 2Steel Girls, were actually only half of their Partridge Family-style band. Though they always made music, money was a little harder to come by, and so the two ladies took to the stage looking to be the final voice(s) standing.

Doing a powerful version of Carrie Underwood’s country hit “Before He Cheats,” the duo was perfectly suited for the tune and brought out the delicate yet slightly devilish energy of the song. Even though Adam Levine admitted that he “didn’t know how to handle them,” both Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green manned up to the task and turned their chairs. And in the end, the gals went with their country roots and picked Blake.

And so began a Cee Lo losing streak, as he lost angelic-voiced Lisa Schinta and 15-year-old MarissaAnn to Christina. And even though he “loved tall women,” the cockatoo festooned coach failed to snag modelesque Loren Allred.



But then in walked Ms. Domo from the Bronx. The self proclaimed “Lady Gaga” of China, whose illustrious credits include a Nair commercial, reminded us a little of Season 2 model Erin Martin. With an ego that was only matched by her on-stage presence and beauty, we weren’t sure if Domo could live up to her own hype as she strutted on stage singing The Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha.”

And just like Erin Martin, Domo immediately captured Cee Lo’s uhhh...heart, even before his ear. But unlike Erin, Domo had the voice to back it up, even if she did say a little too much by the end. We agree with Christina on this one, Ms. “when I say Do, you say Mo” will certainly be a “handful.”

Nicole Nelson

And rounding out the first week of blind auditions was Nicole Nelson, a Vermont musician who called a former shoe factory home. The free spirit had a hippie energy, and for the last 10 years was happy being somewhere in between “Whitney Houston” and a “street peddler.” Now ready to upgrade, Nicole came to stage prepared to stun the judges with a perfectly chosen rendition of “Hallelujah.” She quickly caught coach Adam Levine’s attention, and after a well-placed high note, the rest of the judges woke up and pressed their buttons. Praising her voice, the coaches pulled out all the stops for the gifted vocalist, but it was Adam who finally scored the show closer.

Premiere week may be over, but The Voice has just started! Next week, the blind auditions continue! What did you think of tonight’s third round of blind auditions? Tell us below!

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