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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Who Is Angelo Vrohidis, Melissa Gorga’s Former Boss Who Claims She Worked as a Stripper?

Since Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was filmed over a year ago, we’ve been hearing about Melissa Gorga’s alleged stripper past — thanks to an intense encounter between Melissa and her former boss at the Posche Fashion Show — for months.

But just who is Angelo Vrohidis, Melissa’s former boss who claims The Real Housewives of New Jersey star stripped for him in the past?

According to All About the Real Housewives — a blog that interviewed Angelo exclusively last year — Angelo served as the General Manager of Lookers (a gentlemen's club) during the time that Melissa reportedly worked there as a stripper.

Although Melissa vehemently denies that she ever took her clothes off for a living (she states she only worked as a bartender in the club for a brief period) Angelo disagrees, stating that Melissa worked as a “dancer.” However, Angelo does agree that Melissa’s stint at Lookers was short lived, admitting that she danced for “less than a year.”

Angelo also insists that he had no idea his decision to approach Melissa at the fashion show would result in such a dramatic fight, with the other housewives apparently accusing Teresa Giudice of setting her sister-in-law up.

“I wasn’t out to hurt anyone. I just met the girl [Teresa] at the salon and said to her, ‘I know your sister-in- law.’ I didn’t know anything was going to happen. I wasn’t trying to be malicious or hurt anyone. That’s not my intention and I’m just not that kind of person,” he says.

Regardless of Angelo’s intentions, the yet-to-be-aired Posche Fashion Show is once again about to be home to one of the biggest fights in RHoNJ history!

Do you believe Angelo’s claims that Melissa worked for him as a stripper? Sound off below!

Source: All About the Real Housewives