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Teen Mom

Will Farrah Abraham’s Spin-Off Focus on Her New Restaurant? Farrah Spills the Details! — Exclusive!

Did you guys hear the good news? Farrah Abraham is getting her own MTV spin-off! Although she remained mum about the details of the series (she's apparently still negotiating the contract), she did spill the deets to Wetpaint Entertainment about her latest business endeavor — opening her very own restaurant in downtown Omaha.

Will MTV cameras be with Farrah and baby Sophia every step of the way? We can only hope!

Read on for Pt. 2 of our exclusive interview with Teen Mom's busiest momtrepreneur, and tell us your theories about her spin-off in the comments below!

Wetpaint Entertainment: First let's chat about your current relationship status. We heard you were briefly dating someone from On Air at Ryan Seacrest. What happened there?

Farrah Abraham: He wasn't man enough. I'm sure you know — if you're in the dating field like I am — there's just not enough real men out there and I have no problem saying that. Because half the men I see every day, I'm more manly than they are. I'm just not grade-A dumb, so whenever I see people playing games and wasting my time, it's kind of like, whatever. I quit picking up my phone and I leave. I don't have time.

Well, you do have a million things going on, including your memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, which has been so successful. You must be stoked.

I know! I'm so blessed, right? I'm very happy … going to all my book signings and the whole thing is filled up! I'm very shocked. I hear stories of people not being there and not showing up to other things, and that's what I expected because I don't know how popular books are.

But the book is doing well, and I'm so happy to meet my fans and see that they really appreciate the words that I wrote and my feelings and what I went through. I guess it has helped a lot of them.

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Would you ever write a second book?

I'm writing two other books right now! One is a children's book, because Sophia wanted to get creative one day. It's fiction, but it's about restaurants things for babies. And the other one is correlating with me opening up my restaurant that I'm working on. It's more for entrepreneurs, young adults.

Whenever I go out, I meet students who are doing culinary arts that I already went through. And they ask me for tips, and even I went to school for that and right now I'm running into, well, I wasn't taught this. So I'm just writing everything down so they can learn quicker. I mean, you don't even have to go to school after you read this. You're going to know it all.

Can you tell us more about your restaurant?

I will just say a couple of words. The restaurant is going to be named after Sophia and I, and will also be a bar, and will have molecular gastronomy food style. You can Google it.

Editor's note: We did, in fact, Google it.

Is this just a plan right now, or is there something already in place?

Is this just a plan?! No, I bought a building two days ago! I have to keep my cool because there's a whole lot to do.

Where is the restaurant located?

I currently reside on the Iowa side, and my restaurant is in the downtown old market [in Omaha, Nebraska], which is the only real thing where I live, so I bought a place in a popular area.

You're going to be super busy getting that up and running!

As soon as I'm done with this little travel trip, I'm definitely at home. I've been traveling for a while and it's time to focus.

Any chance you'll also be focusing on a spin-off? We've heard some rumblings that you're getting back into reality TV.

I definitely am, so I'll let you know when that contract is signed.

Lindsay Dreyer is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @LindsayNYC.

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