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The X Factor

Simon Cowell Calls X Factor 2012 Contestant Kaci Newton “A Vile Monster”

The X Factor Season 2 opens with 21-year-old African American mother, Paige Thomas, who is waiting in the wings, readying for her audition. While nervously waiting to go onstage, Paige is also tasked with looking after her 3-year-old daughter in the crowded holding room.

Simultaneously, a 22-year-old Barbie-blonde named Kaci Newton (from Texas) — joined by her equally blonde sister for moral support — is making bitchy comments about Paige’s tights and the way Paige takes up space in front of the mirror with her child. Kaci’s litany of mean-girl faces — directed at Paige — are caught on tape.

Kaci keeps reiterating how this is her moment, insisting she’s going to shine and finally be discovered. But her catty behavior deeply offends the audience, and they are just waiting for her to crash on stage – which she does.

After she sings, Simon Cowell says something to the effect of “It sounded like you were dying.” Karma’s a b*tch! Speaking with reporters at FOX’s X Factor Premiere event at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, here’s what Simon had to say about the catty behind-the-scenes action:

“We’ve been making these shows now for ten or eleven years, and I’ve seen them told in pretty much the same way and what always fascinated me as a viewer is, what would it be like to be a contestant on the show.

My gut feeling already was that there was a lot of competitiveness, a lot of bitchiness behind the camera which we never showed the audience before – and right from the get-go that vile monster, who was so rude to Paige, I found that was the most fascinating thing about trying to make a program where we allowed viewers to see something they hadn’t been allowed to see before and deliberately didn’t have a voice over or a narrative telling you how to feel. It told its own story, like a documentary, and it made it a lot more interesting show to make.”

As for Paige’s fate? Tune in to FOX for tonight’s epic two-hour premiere, airing at 8PM/7PMc.

09.13.2012 / 02:17 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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