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7 Clues That Indicate Victoria Grayson Did, In Fact, Die on Revenge (PHOTOS)

Like the Graysons trying to ease their post-David Clarke guilt for the last 17 years, we’ve spent this summer in a state of potential denial. Sure, a reporter told us that Victoria Grayson died in a plane explosion at the end of Revenge Season 1, but we believed it about as much as Emily trusted Tyler.

Lately, however, there have been some disturbing clues that caused us to question everything surrounding the return of our favorite Hamptons queen. Sure, Madeleine Stowe is definitely on the cast list for this season, but on a flashback-happy show that even had one episode entirely devoted to the past, could Victoria’s return only exist pre-plane explosion?

On this show, we’ve learned that our guesses are rarely right and show creator Mike Kelley will always go for the less obvious choice. But would he really have killed off Queen Victoria?

Here are some of our concerns:

Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Group Photo

Yesterday, we squealed with glee when ABC released the official cast promotional photos. Victoria’s individual photos were stunning, but it was the one group photo that had us extremely nervous. In it, the cast is all standing on the dock in the middle of a storm wearing black with one noticeable exception. Victoria is in a purple gown (a color that typically symbolizes royalty), and the distinct contrast is quite noticeable. Could the rest of the cast be wearing black in mourning for the loss of the matriarch?

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Promo Footage

We all penciled in a happy dance on our revengendas earlier this week when ABC released a new promo clip featuring the ice queen herself. But if we look a little deeper, we see Emily (once again wearing black) walking toward Victoria looking concerned. The camera cuts to Vicky just as the singer croons the lyrics, “I’ll rest in pieces.”

In the shot, Mama Grayson is in a silvery, translucent gown with a heavenly light placed behind her head. She looks more like a spirit than the dominating presence she commanded in Season 1.

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Relationship to Emily Thorne’s Mother

Madeleine Stowe has been quoted saying Victoria’s relationship with Emily’s returning mother (Kara Wallace Clarke) is “antagonistic.” Since Kara will be back in Emily’s life this season, we assumed the actress had accidentally revealed her imminent return as well, but upon second glance, that may not be the case. The first shot of Kara is a flashback, and since we know that Victoria knew about her existence before anyone else, they could have had this antagonistic relationship in the past.

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White Peacoat

As Victoria boarded the plane to Florence + the Machine’s “Seven Devils,” she was covered in a gorgeous white peacoat. This moment seemed to absolve the former villain of her sins in her quest for justice; her “final moments” were filled with an attempt to let the truth be known, regardless of the consequences that faced her. This selfless act combined with her white ensemble and the holy imagery connected to the white stairs makes us concerned for Victoria’s safety.

Additionally, around the time where Vic ascended the white stairs, we heard the song’s disturbing lyric: “I’ll be dead before the day is done.”

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Love Interest

You may be thinking, how can Victoria be dead if she’s got a love interest lined up for Season 2? Well the truth is, no one on the show has confirmed that she does! Although TV Guide speculated that a new handsome doctor might be her love interest, there has been no official word from creator Mike Kelley or his team.

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Dominik’s Painting Resurfaces

In what was meant to be a casual photo of Josh Bowman singing a sweet ballad, actress Ashley Madekwe revealed a key clue: Spotted behind the handsome heir is Dominik Wright’s painting of Victoria! And thanks to the matching decorations, we noticed that Josh is on the same boat pictured in the new Season 2 spoiler photos.

And if this is, in fact, this year’s infamous Memorial Day party, the painting is likely part of the annual art auction held on the boat. (Remember how last year, Victoria slapped Lydia in the face by returning the van Gogh painting?) And since we know that secret romantic, Victoria Grayson, would never let Dominik’s painting go willingly, we assume that she’s no longer there to protect it.

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images    

Cast Comments

Actress Emily VanCamp has said that it’s “safe to assume that Madeleine will be back,” and her co-star boyfriend Josh Bowman has even said, “She’s not dead. You can’t kill off Victoria!” So how do we explain away those comments?

Yes, we know that Madeleine will, indeed, be back, but as we mentioned earlier, she could be return in flashbacks. And Josh’s comment could mean that her legacy (pun intended) will live on — or maybe he’s just much more clever and better at lying than his character.

What do you think? Is Victoria dead or alive? Share your thoughts and theories below!

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