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Glee Season 4: Ryan Murphy Promises That Kurt and Blaine Will Kiss!

Our hearts melted as we watched Blaine (Darren Criss) sent Kurt (Chris Colfer) off to New York City with that touching performance of Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time,” in Glee’s Season 4 premiere.

There’s only one thing that could have possibly made that song any better: a Kurt and Blaine kiss at the end.

Ever since Kurt and Blaine lost their virginity to each other during Episode 5 of last season, Glee has been very cautious about showing any sort of boy-on-boy PDA. They’ve now become one of the show’s longest-standing couples, Kurt and Blaine have only kissed a total of three times.

Yet as Season 4 kicks off and rumors of an impending Klaine breakup just won’t go away, Glee creator Ryan Murphy is promising that fans will get to see the two lock lips again. On September 13, Ryan did an extended fan Q&A on Twitter. Here are some of the tweets.

Q: Will Kurt and Blaine ever kiss again?
Ryan: Of course. Until then, there's always [Ryan’s new show] The New Normal.

Q: Bryan and David on The New Normal are great, but what about a Kurt and Blaine kiss?
Ryan: Oh honey, it will happen. Just wait.

Q: Are there going to be any cute Klaine scenes?
Ryan: So many. I love it in Episode 3 when they Skype. Beyond cute.

However, not all of his tweets were so reassuring.
Q: It's time for couples besides Finchel to break up. Equality for all, right?
Ryan: 100% agree with you.

Q: Are you happy that you got million of teen tears tonight because of Glee?
Ryan: Actually, waiting for episode 4. I will fill up swimming pools full, and swim gloriously.

Episode 4 is titled, “The Break-Up,” and though we know that Kurt and Blaine’s relationship will be severely tested over the course of it, we still haven’t seen fully conclusive proof that they break up.

Do you think that Ryan is referring to Klaine when he talks about “swimming pools full” of tears, or are you still holding out hope they’ll stay together? We wouldn’t mind a bit of relationship drama, as long as Kurt and Blaine get back together in the end.

And kiss. We’ve now been promised a real Klaine kiss and that’s not the sort of promise we’re going to forget anytime soon.

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09.14.2012 / 11:06 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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